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Why do I have stomach pain during the night time

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Candace Foster
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This could take a littler more examination for sure. But are you eating late at night before you go to bed? Having a hard to digest meal for your evening meal? Consuming too much sugar, caffeine, or processed foods?

Maybe try sipping on a cup of ginger tea after dinner or a digestive enzyme.

Corinne Conroy
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There can be multiple reasons for stomach pain during the night, ranging from stress, food sensitivities, late night eating, eating difficult to digest foods etc. Try meditating and/or journaling before bed, even just for 5 minutes to help clear your mind and relieve stress. Also be mindful of how late you are eating and what you are eating throughout the day. Tune in to how your body feels a half hour- 2 hours after you eat to see if something is triggering you. Some difficult to digest foods you can experiment with cutting out to see if it helps are animal products (including dairy) and gluten. I would need a lot more information about you and your lifestyle in order to really pinpoint what's going on but these are just a few general ideas for you to try :)

The most common reason for stomach pain at night is eating dinner late in the day and close to bedtime. Try eating dinner earlier and eating a lighter meal. This may require some change in what you are used to, changing your routine, but it may greatly enhance your life and your digestion. There is a growing body of evidence to support the theory that the body benefits from a 10-12 hour fast during the evening hours. This fasting period is believed to enable and enhance the bodies natural cleansing, restoring and regulatory processes during our natural resting time. A heavy meal not only leaves you feeling bogged down with a painful tummy it may also bog down these essential and life preserving processes.

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Sometimes, when you eat something your body in intolerant of it can result in stomach pain. Also, if pain is in middle of the night, it could be a reaction to something you ate earlier in the day that is finally getting into your system and causing discomfort. It is also a possible indication of "leaky gut syndrome" which is too broad a subject to discuss here. another possibility is intestinal parasites. There actually is a longer list of possibilities. To determine the root of your issue we would need to see you in our office. Look for Natural Allergists, Naturopathic Doctor or BioEnergetic Practitioners in your area.

Lisa Day-Lewis

Stomach pains during the night or anytime indicate an imbalance in Kapha (the earth and water elements) and is also indicative of digestive issues. There are many possible causes.

Depending on other symptoms and otherwise state of overall health this might be something that could be resolved with some very basic changes in eating.

If you would like a full consultation to evaluate please reach out!

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