Most of us are overloaded with info, emails, texts, etc. and on top of it all, we have 35-48 thoughts going through our mind per minute. Knowing how many thousands of thoughts go through our mind per day is absolutely crazy and overwhelming. Don’t worry, I won’t bog you down with more info that you don’t need at this point.

All I want to reiterate or remind myself and all of you is to practice mindfulness as much as you can during the day. This will decrease the amount of info entering your mind which affects you at a cellular level. In the Body Intuitive training, I learned that all of our immune cells are “mini me’s”. Therefore, if you are stressed, so are your immune cells. If you are unsatisfied in life, your immune cells act unsatisfied and will create havoc on your health. If you are angry, your immune cells are angry and might act out against you! So what is Body Intuitive? BodyIntuitive is a powerful and effective mind-body medicine system that uses structured intuition to decode and unlock the “story” behind symptoms and disease - the WHY. BodyIntuitivecombines the latest advances in Western science (such as epigenetics, the human microbiome, neuroplasticity of the brain and the mind-body connection) with the wisdom of the ancient, Eastern healing tradition of Chinese Medicine.

As someone living with MS, I am always seeking new ways to heal myself. I am now using this cutting edge system to balance my mind and body on a daily basis. I am excited to share this new modality with you.

So, what’s the point of this article, just a friendly reminder to practice mindfulness, be still, be present, and do all that you can to get out of your head! Your immune system will thank you and so will your body.