The Mirror

The mirror has not feelings, nor attachments, nor ill will; it is not invested in our experience or out to get us. It is not here to hurt us, or sack us, rather, it is here for us to witness ourselves broken into the multiplicity of the reality around us. The mirror is our gift to ourselves that ensures no matter how lost we get on our path through the State of the Human Condition, our pain, our suffering will lead us back to our True Selves.

The conditions we endure are experiential training grounds, conditioning us while building our capacity, sharpening our senses and awakening our clairsenses, showing us our gifts, and what we came here to to, and be.  These building experiences hurt because we resist what they are teaching us, like learning a new chord that streeches our fingers into distorted shapes to invoke the truest sound from our instrument.

The Mirror is the interface between our Selves, and of our Other Selves, our Lover Self, our Mother Self, our Hater, our Hitler, our Cheerleader Selves.  Even nature is reflecting these aspects of ourselves, guiding ourselves, influenecing them, supporting them, groudning them, embodying the fluiditity of ourselves in the waters around us. How often when your seeking guidance do you see a bird fly into your experience?

The hardest part of embracing your Authorship is forgiving yourself for creating the painful experiences too. I know, that hurt.  Understanding this means, forgiving ourselves for writing all the experiences within our reality. This is not Victim Shaming, this is Authorship Embodying. No, the mirror does not feel, it can not not show us a reality that does not exist within us. It only can reflect for us, that which we are ready to see, learn, unlearn, build, or grow within us.

When the mirror hurts us, ie, an accident, an attack, a wounding, this is not because we earned it, deserved it, or any other shaming, blaming or diminishing language we once used to avoid our own authorship, no, these experiences are designed by our souls, in contractual form because we know that we can, in the end, handle it, and that by going through it, whatever it is, we will become more aligned with our own strength, knowing, compassion, empathy, sight, gifts, capacity, resilience, and so on.

Every experience you have had, has not yet killed you, and I believe, if you allowed your self to see yourself with awe and wonder at what you have survived, learned, released from social programing, familial programing, personal karma and so on, you would stop feeling shame or guilt for your "mistakes", and begin seeing the emense capacity of your MIGHTY SOUL!

Once we can forgive ourselves for our authorship, we can shift our relationship with our mirror, the world outside of us,and begin to see it as it actually is. This is the key to unlocking inner joy, self love, and self acceptance.

Once we can hold this within us we begin to understand that the person in the mirror, who once looked like our friend and now like our foe, the one who's calling us all the things we silently whisper from the darkest corners of our trapped inner worlds, are not showing us how we treat others they are showing us how we treat ourselves.

They are not saying, even though their words are pointed at us from the outside, they are not saying how we do these things to others, rather, they are saying what we do to ourselves. And what we want to say to them, what we judge in them, what we dismiss of them, what we miss about the depth and breadth of them, is what we disallow within ourselves.

The hardest part of understanding what the mirror is telling you, reflecting for you, is understanding that one piece. You are seeing how you treat you, how you minimize you, how you inhibit you, how you rob you of the pleasure and joy in your own life, by denying your needs, dreams, and desires. The mirror reflects to you the fractured innerscape of your trapped, wounded, forgotten inner selves.

Only once we deal with this aspect of ourselves, until there is no more pain, suffering or resistance, only then can we actually see the truth of anyone outside of ourselves. Only by releasing them from needing to change, into seeing the perfection that already is can we begin living in flow with our mirror.

So witness the beauty in all of your "Flaws", find your superpower within your trauma, feel your strength within your fractures, and fall in love with your mirror, the good, the bad, and the ugly within it.

Bashar says, "You can not yell at the mirror to smile back at you."