A person asked, "Are past lives real? Do they even matter? When I die, will I just poof be gone? Or will there be something left of me?" So I shared with them this perspective Source shared with me, when I sought to see the nature of reality

Time doesn't exist. It's a preset written into your DNA, part of the Human Divine Blueprint to ensure you have the experiential flow necessary in alignment with the body's one way flow of fluids, energy, food, day, life; everything in this physical expression is flowing this way here on Earth, except the neuro-pathways of birds, but that's for another discussion, Avian friends.

No, time is not actually a thing, rather it's an experiential state allowing you to experience the path of your life. When you no longer are consciously identifying in a human body you decouple from this experiential state and exist in the consciousness of all that is, and you see all your lives at once. These differentiations of these Selfs, this one or that one begin to look more like pieces of a stained glass window and we see the whole picture.

Often once people begin to connect to Earth, Source/Universal Consciousness, they are connecting beyond these constructs of this life, that life, and begin naturally aligning with their core frequency. As their strength and capacity to hold these depths of frequencies grows, as their capacity to discern between subtle high and low vibrations of a similar frequencies increases, and as their comfort in holding the high and low end of the spectrum grows graceful, then they become more aware of these other lives, consciousness, relationships, and they begin to make changes for the ultimate betterment of the souls overall experience, thus changing all the realities of the “past” or rather, life expression sets.

Whoa, mind blown yet?

From here you see how your soul will have tangles of spaghettified expressions of you, all clumped around an issue, that's where you become aware of things like generational curses or past life entanglements. This isn't to get you lost in those lives, or even to re-entangle in the same ways with each other should you vibrationally align again, as we often tell the story. Seeing these patterns means your soul is ready to stop running in the trees and start looking at patterns.

These patterns are not to show you this life and last life we have the same soulmate, no, it's to show us we are all things, in some life some time some where we are all things. The victim, the villain, the hero, the saint. What is the most important thing in the whole universe right now is, to believe that right here, right now, in this moment as your brain slows and reads each letter, each word, and you hold this attention on the question, “What, what is the most important thing in the Universe?” you ask. In this moment you hold the key to everything possible, right here, right now, inside the right now.

As you wonder about how that could be true I offer you, how many had their minds blow up with denials, counters and rebuttles to that? All the proofs that it’s not true because of what once was true to you. You have forgotten the most important truth and that you are the only one still applying that to you. You have taken a pin in the spider webbing of your energy and focus and pinned in into each of those moments in time where it was proven true something, someone, some circumstance you believed and interpreted in some way proves true it can’t happen to you.

I offer you another pondering. What if you released all those points of proof? No, seriously, what if you could? What if you could call your webbing, your substance your essence back to you right here right now, and focus on one single thing you want more than anything else? How powerful could you be?

Is it these proofs that limit you and your capacity in what you believe you could do. Not just because it limits your focus, but because you are stretching your focus and awareness, attention and vibration in to bizarre distortions of high-vibrationally focus, shielded and protected, hyper-fixated on whatever your believe your responsibilities and commitments maybe to your spouse and children, in unsupportive disjointed disconnected families and societies, all unsure what to believe. It’s exhausting.

The people who "make" it, seem to have it all figured out, career, success, family, happiness. They do it by being present in the moment, on the edge of terror and at their full capacity, riding the wave of passionate inspiration, humbly falling when they slip off that focus of the here and the now. Getting up and practicing again, not failing, not proving they can’t, showing how they can. It is that focus that is the power of NOW.

I promise you, your points of definition of what is true about your reality, or rather your experience of it, are far more temporary than you may believe. And letting go simply means you accept when I’m living I might fall, what I trust is my capacity to heal, learn and grow… But… Simple it is, I'm afraid you will not find, for a mind-maker-upper to make up his mind