Are you suffering from fibromyalgia? You are not alone, fibromyalgia is a diagnosis that millions of Americans suffer from each year. Often times conventional medicine does not have an answer to why you were diagnosed and just prescribes medications to chase the symptoms. Some people can even become addicted to these medications. I am here to tell you that you have other options for treatment.

I have started a facebook group called Overcome Fibro. The goal of my group is to share health tips and education to help you on your journey back to wellness.

What causes fibro?

Getting to the root cause of your fibro diagnosis is crucial. I believe that environmental medicine and naturopathic medicine helps with finding the WHY. We often become sick because of our environment of which we live, work, and play in. We live in a toxic soup of chemicals that just didn't exist thirty plus years ago. These chemicals have even impacted the food we eat and the air we breathe. Our bodies are stressed and inflamed.


You must be sick of feeling chronic pain and fatigue. Are you ready to Overcome Fibro and get your life back together?


Steps to Overcome Fibro

  1. Environmental Medicine Work Up
    1. Current Exposures
    2. Past Exposures
    3. Assessing Proper Environmental Testing
  2. Advanced Medical Testing
  3. Assessing for Pathogens/Viruses
  4. Home & Lifestyle
  5. Treatment Plan
    1. Diet/Nutrition
    2. Lifestyle & Healthy Home
    3. Mind Body
    4. Medical Interventions
    5. Referrals (adjunct therapies)

I invite you to join me in my wellness community, social media sites and/or FB group, Overcome Fibro. I can help you gain the education and get a roadmap to what to do next.

This article is for you to gain information. Dr. Julie George and Rivercreek Wellness are not giving medical diagnosis or treatments in this article.