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What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

I have been having some back issues and mood issues, and it makes me wonder if I could have fibromyalgia. I remember hearing that my cousin has/had fibromyalgia when we were teens.

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Well being is experiential, not abstract. Awareness Through Movement allows you to outsmart pain and experience the pleasure of your body being all connected.

I recommend Mayo Clinic "Guide to Fibromyalgia", Strategies To Take Back Your Life.

It does not sound like you have fibromyalgia just because you have some back issues and mood issues, but you may still be interested in learning more about your persistent pains. Look at your lifestyle, and perhaps you can find some clues there that can help you as well.

Carolina Gutierrez
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Hi Addy Myofascial release is a very good option for pain including fibromyalgia. You can find a practitioner in your area Myofascialrelease.com/findapractitioner. I would recommend you to read The fibro manual it is written by a doctor and her journey to manage herself fibromyalgia. She explains the disease and how she has been able to manage it and function normal.

Dan Martin
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Hi Addy, I can put you in touch with someone who has gotten tremendous relief from fibromyalgia with CBD oil. Please let me know if you'd like to connect with her.

David & Abigail Gonzales
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Chronic neurosensory disorder defined by widespread joint stiffness, muscle pain, and fatigue with pain moving throughout the body. Consider some diet options, time-restricted eating (fasting), and some essential oil like Lemongrass (soothes muscle aches, supports connective tissue repair), Ginger (reduces spasms and muscle aches and pain), a polyphenol complex, and high-quality DHA/EPA OMEGA's. Additionally, look into alkaline, high pH water.

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