Paula, my client, found herself at a crossroads, facing multiple health issues that were disrupting her daily life and keeping her up at night. Despite years of medical treatment, her symptoms only seemed to worsen, leaving her feeling hopeless and desperate for a solution. That's when she reached out to me.

Paula suffered from a range of digestive problems, including acid reflux, constant stomach fullness, and bloating that interfered with her sleep. She also experienced severe sinus drainage, ear pain, persistent asthma, and prolonged allergy attacks. These health challenges significantly impacted her quality of life, work performance, and ability to manage stress. Despite following her doctors' advice and taking six different medications, Paula found no relief. She remained uncomfortable, prone to illness, lethargic, and dependent on stimulants for energy. Hope for a healthy future was slipping away.

The medical approach focused on addressing typical immune responses as the key to resolving Paula's health problems, with the symptoms becoming the primary focus. Her digestive issues were only vaguely addressed, as the doctors concentrated on symptoms without understanding why her body was responding this way, even after trying multiple medical remedies. When we started working together, Paula was on five different drugs, including Desvenlafaxine, Fenofibrate, and Flonase.

These medications had the potential to further harm her health and carried the risk of creating new conditions, such as chest discomfort, cough, trouble breathing, confusion, headaches, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, weakness, unsteadiness, stomach pain, vomiting, dark urine, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, light-colored stools, upper right stomach pain, yellow eyes or skin, liver problems, unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, weakness, diarrhea, fever, muscle cramps, spasms, and more.

After years of medication, injections, inhalers, and experimentation, Paula felt her health was not improving. She began to lose hope as her condition declined without answers. However, once we had our appointment and I presented a plan to help her body heal itself, Paula became optimistic and willing to try.

My priority was to help Paula heal her digestive tract through gentle detoxification. We aimed to reduce inflammation, improve pH balance, and decrease mucus production by providing herbs and foods that cleansed the environment and allowed cells and tissues to heal.

I implemented dietary changes, a detoxification plan, herbal medicine, and required weekly meetings to review her journal entries. This marked a turning point in Paula's understanding of the correlation between food, pH, inflammation, specific responses, triggers, better options, and the next steps towards healing. Educating Paula was crucial, as she needed to understand the natural laws governing her body. I encouraged her to become her own health advocate by understanding diet and basic natural principles of the body, as well as what is needed for healthy cellular health and rejuvenation.

Within three weeks, Paula's bowel movements transformed from painful, difficult, and infrequent to healthy, consistent, and pain-free. We personalized her diet, and I helped her understand the natural laws of food, eating, digestion, and elimination. We improved pH balance, reduced inflammation, enhanced her immune function and sleep, increased her energy, and lifted her outlook. Paula learned how to eat the foods she loved without compromising her health. Specific herbs played a role in the initial phase, and we continued to strengthen her digestion and immune system. She instilled lifestyle habits to continue improving her health.

In Paula's own words:

"Dr. Lehew's knowledge about the digestive tract is mind-blowing. She is very positive and encouraging, even when you have doubts. She provided me with helpful charts and checked on me to ensure I was progressing. During our appointments, she was always prepared and had read the information she sent me. I recommend Dr. Lehew because she is positive, knowledgeable, treats the whole body, and I have improved a lot thanks to her ability to get results."

In another testimony, Paula shared:

"I wanted to tell you about my great results from the lifestyle change. I went to the endocrinologist, and my calcium levels were normal, thanks to the magnesium. She thought that was such a good idea, and I credited you. I'm so happy! I got my labs done, and the doctor told me my cholesterol had made a dramatic drop. He will consider taking me off medication next year if the results remain the same. He wanted to know what I did, and of course, I credited you. Yesterday in his office, he posted a note to eat more vegetables. Wow, I remember when he worked on my cholesterol, and nothing happened. Thanks so much. You are the best."

The results spoke for themselves: excellent bowel movements, a healthy digestive system and microbiome, minimal pain, a significant decrease in allergies, mucus, and sinus congestion, leading to the discontinuation of some medications and the reduction of others. Paula's lab work, including her Complete Blood Count (CBC) and calcium/magnesium blood tests, came back normal. Her sleep and overall mood significantly improved, her energy increased, and her diet aligned with a healthy pH and optimal elimination systems. She achieved her optimal weight and no longer needed Desvenlafaxine or Fenofibrate. While she still uses Flonase occasionally, Paula hasn't needed allergy shots for the past ten months.

With her newfound health, Paula can now enjoy activities she previously missed out on, such as sleeping well, traveling without breathing difficulties or side effects from medications, experiencing less anxiety, having more energy, and enjoying an elevated mood.

My program helps individuals become as physically healthy as possible while also becoming emotionally, mentally, and spiritually sound. This is achieved through a systematic approach to innate self-healing, supporting genetic weaknesses, improving diet, lifestyle, elimination systems, and heart (mind) by walking with Christ, deepening one's relationship with God, adding prayer, and daily renewing the mind with scripture. I created a health program called "Healthy and Victorious," consisting of three stages and nine steps over four months.

After four months, individuals can leave the program transformed, with optimal health in their systems and cells, vitality through optimal elimination systems, and a renewed mind in Christ, emotionally and mentally well. In my years of practice, I have witnessed remarkable transformations in my clients. They have successfully resolved chronic conditions and reached their ideal weight. I've seen them achieve healthy digestion and gut function, putting an end to premature aging. My clients have minimized aches, pains, and cellular inflammation while strengthening their immune systems. They now enjoy more restful sleep and have developed a stronger relationship with and confidence in Christ. As a result, they experience more daily joy and handle challenges and struggles with resilience. Through our work together, they have gained a blueprint for lifelong health.