My journey with fluctuating weight and persistent gut issues began well before my 29th year. The frequent pain, bloating, and food intolerance became a familiar yet unwelcome companion in my daily life. The true complexity of my health challenges came to light when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This kind of thyroid imbalance happens when your thyroid gland isn't as active as it should be, leading to a drop in essential hormones. It often results in a slower heart rate and a constant feeling of fatigue.

I remember the day clearly—mixed emotions of relief and anxiety, at finally having a name for my struggles yet fearing the implications of this new reality.

The traditional medical approach offered a clear path: medication for life. The concept was jarring and, to be frank, unacceptable to me. I struggled to accept the meds, which rather than providing relief, seemed to exacerbate my condition. I was prescribed Synthroid, a common medication for thyroid issues. However, the symptoms I experienced felt far from common.

I first noticed my extreme hair loss. This was devastating to me, as I always found pride and confidence in my long, thick, curly hair. Then, there was the weight fluctuation. I was used to being thin and petite, it was never a struggle to lose weight. But suddenly, I found myself gaining weight at an alarming rate. It became a challenge to shed the pounds, and I was lacking the energy to work out.

My skin became extremely dry, adding to my decrease in confidence in the way I looked. Out of all this, one of the side effects that affected me the most is that I was always cold. Particularly my hands and feet, which made it hard to participate in regular activities without added layers of clothing. These symptoms compounded my daily struggle, making the idea of continuously being on this medication even more discouraging.

It was this pivotal moment that sparked a rebellion within me—a turning point where I decided to take control of my health narrative. I turned to intelligent faith, a blend of belief in both a higher power and in the potential of my own body to heal naturally. With cautious optimism, I withdrew from the medication and dove into the vast ocean of research on natural healing.

It was a gradual process, a journey with lots of trial and error. I made incremental changes to my diet, each step a tentative experiment: I started to feel okay, but not yet whole. Relocation to Florida marked a new chapter in this journey. It was here that my commitment to holistic healing deepened.

Inspired by a newfound environment and reinforced by trusting my own judgment, I meticulously removed processed foods and unhealthy oils from my diet. With each passing week, a subtle transformation unfolded as I introduced more fruits and vegetables. The relationship between diet and well-being became starkly clear to me as I navigated through all the new and valuable information about how holistic nutrition could mean a path to true health. 

This wasn't just another diet, I was building my own path of wellness as a whole person. I started paying attention to what was working for my body, mind and spirit, and only moving forward with the foods and habits that were healing me. I started to combine my dietary changes with exercise, and as I did, an incredible transformation took place. The symptoms that had once been my “normal” began to fade away, until one day, I realized I was symptom-free. The feeling was nothing short of miraculous. I was not just okay; I was thriving! My chronic gut problems were gone, and my hypothyroidism no longer dictated my well-being.

This profound sense of health was not fleeting; it was a sustained and vibrant state of being. I felt alive, perhaps for the first time in my adult life, and I credited this to the holistic nutrition and healing path I had courageously chosen. This personal renaissance did more than just restore my health; it reshaped my career path.

As I settled into my newfound vitality, my perspective on health and beauty transformed. I began to appreciate the intricate connection between our internal well-being and our external appearance. The journey through my own health challenges illuminated a passion for aesthetics—a desire to help others find beauty through wellness.

Now, as an aesthetician, I integrate the principles of holistic nutrition into my practice. I understand firsthand the struggle with issues like unhealthy-looking skin, dark spots, and signs of aging—all reflections of deeper internal imbalances. The treatments I offer are inspired by my journey, focusing on enhancing both your physical beauty and internal balance.