I remember when, some years back, everyone in the fitness industry started talking about Core Muscles. Now, most of us understand there are some muscles that, if built up to greater strength, will benefit the entire body. 
There’s just something about the placement, the action and the potential of the Core Muscles that makes them a priority for anyone who wants to get strong again after an injury or couch potato period, and for those who want to stay strong for the long haul. 


Similarly, that’s how important our "Self-Confidence Muscles" are because Confidence is at the basis of virtually every action in Life. 

If we get stronger in that one muscle, everything else changes. 

  • Life looks rosier. 
  • We get more done. 
  • We waste less time on fear, procrastination and confusion. 
  • We have more fun! 
  • We are able to enjoy ourselves and others more. 
  • We have braver ideas! 
  • We have the courage to reach for what we really want. 


This morning I received an email from a dear, long-time friend. She’s about to go ‘strictly self-employed” for the first time. She’s had her own business for a long time, but she’s always kept a side job, too. Now she’s ready to be her own boss full-time, but, in her words, “I struggle to find the Confidence to know it will be ok and that I can continue to earn enough of a living to keep a roof over our heads and help my kids when they need it…”

What she’s looking for is a way to build up her Confidence core muscles so that she has plenty available when she needs to take the next step. 

This question-- how to develop more Confidence -- has become an obsession of mine, and creating an answer that can help myself and others is my commitment. Very soon I’ll be offering a course about dramatically building up your Confidence Muscles. It's an online course called RADICAL CONFIDENCE. You can learn about it on my Profile page.

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Is there an area of your Life where you could really use some extra Self-Confidence?