It's the third week of January, and I’ve been thinking a lot about you since the beginning of the New Year. I wonder what you’ve been thinking and feeling since your brand new year began.

For my own part, this year, rather than making a slew of fragmented resolutions about what’s important to me -- my 2019 Vision whittled itself down instead to two very simple intentions:

  1. To stay in continual touch with my spiritual nature, and
  2. To feed my self-Confidence so that I walk each day in a feeling of positive expectation.


What about YOU? How have the first 3 weeks of the New Year been for you? 

Are you feeling uplifted and inspired by the fresh prospects? Have you had a surge of new ideas or increased clarity about what you want from your precious Life?

Or, maybe your new year’s had a different flavor than that.

Maybe you’re feeling mired in the past, in things unfinished, in routines that demand more than they return. Perhaps you’ve felt mildly bored and disinterested -- or have already reconciled yourself to business as usual.


I’d like to share a realization with you. Here it is:

My ability to believe in a better tomorrow has everything to do with the amount of Confidence I have in myself today.

At first glance, this may seem like common sense but look a little deeper with me, please.

It took me a long time to realize the heavy significance of Confidence level, but once I did, once I saw that my current and habitual level of Confidence directly determines just about everything that I do (and don’t do), I finally understood that:


Feeding & growing Confidence is one of the smartest things we could ever do for ourselves.

What we can envision, what we share, what we give, and how we feel…all determined by how Confident we are. When we feel Confident, we have more belief in ourselves. When we feel Confident we have more determination! When we have more Confidence we have better, more inspiring ideas. When we have more Confidence, our heart can be wide open for enjoying Life.


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