Growing up, I was often told I had a calming presence, a stark contrast to the inner turmoil that often troubled me. Childhood abuse created a deep-rooted foundation of mental challenges in me, leading to severe PTSD. This inner world was filled with anxiety, despair, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, and dissatisfaction. These intense emotions relentlessly tore at my inner peace, profoundly affecting my external life.

Early in adulthood, I sought help from an incredible talk therapist, who regarded my experiences as some of the most severe she had encountered. I remember sharing a wish with her: to truly feel the peace others perceived in me. Little did I know, this healing journey would not only bring me that inner peace but also lead to a reconciled and healed relationship with my father.

Navigating the rocky roads of psychiatric treatment before finding my current therapist, I encountered numerous challenges. Prescribed antidepressants like Effexor, I felt altered and struggled with harsh withdrawal symptoms if I missed a dose. The increased dosage led to a tremor in my right hand, a side effect that my psychiatrist dismissed. Going against my psychiatrist's advice, I gradually and carefully weaned myself off Effexor over the course of a year.  The development of the tremor and severe withdrawal symptoms were clear signs that something wasn't right. In hindsight, I'm grateful I listened to my body and stuck by the decision to stop the medication. Additionally, I was prescribed Adderall for ADHD, adding another layer to my intricate mental health management.

In contrast to these mental health health struggles, my professional achievements paint a different picture. I have a rich and varied educational and career background, including attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and earning an MBA from Southern Methodist University. My career has spanned high-ranking positions in finance and energy, extending to alternative energy ventures. 

In my banking and finance career, my drive and determination were augmented by the Adderall I was still on. This mix of unwavering commitment and medication played a key role in helping me achieve numerous records. However, this relentless pursuit of success pushed my body beyond its limits, eventually resulting in a scary hospital stay. It was the result of grueling 20-hour workdays and the pressure I put on myself to achieve more, be more, and prove my worth. Despite my financial achievements, inner peace remained out of reach.

At 33, I found myself in the hospital with a heart arrhythmia and a heart rate over 230. It was a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of my journey towards true healing. While in the hospital, despite extensive tests, doctors couldn't pinpoint any specific problem and assured me I was otherwise healthy. Their solution to my heart issue was to use defibrillator paddles. That evening, as I lay in bed, nervous and recalling scenes from medical shows, I received a pinch of sea salt under my tongue and some homeopathic drops for my heart. Twenty minutes later, a nurse entered my room, surprised, and said, "I don't know what happened, but your heart's back to a normal rhythm. If this continues till morning, you can go home. True to her words, by the next morning, my condition had stabilized, and I was discharged. I was momentarily in the clear, but despite this warning sign, I continued to push my body past its limits in my work. This led to two more hospitalizations.

Realizing that my current lifestyle was unsustainable and that I wouldn't be around much longer if I continued on this path, I embarked on a 15-year journey of deep self-discovery. The healing I found through naturopathic medicine, addressing aspects of my health overlooked by conventional methods, inspired me to explore holistic healing further. This exploration led me to train as a Reiki master and delve into shamanic energy healing.

During my exploration into shamanic practices, my teacher observed that the visions and experiences I naturally encountered were typically only achieved through the use of entheogens or plant medicine. This insight came as I underwent my own shamanic initiations and worked closely with my teacher. Through this process, I received tremendous energetic healing, marking a significant phase in my journey of self-discovery and healing.

The milestones of peace, insight, and bliss I encountered were transformative. Talk therapy had provided a mental framework, but it was with energy healing that I experienced quantum leaps in healing. Eager to learn more, I studied meditation and was initiated into Buddhist and Kriya yoga techniques. This new phase brought direct downloads of wisdom, transcending even my shamanic training. The clear message from the Universe was to leave the corporate world and embrace holistic healing as my life's work.

After a year's sabbatical in the remote mountains of Northern California living off-grid, I returned to Texas, eager to expand upon this work. I brought with me thousands of hours of study, meditation, and journeying, along with the knowledge gained from reading tens of thousands of pages of diverse texts from our shared world spiritual traditions. 

Ready to share my learning, I began a new phase of my journey -  I found my life's calling in guiding others towards discovering their own truth and freedom. My offerings now include energy healing, spiritual synthesis, mentorship, transformational coaching, PTSD relief, past life healing, meditation training, and much more. Each session I offer is a unique, channeled experience, tailored to the individual's needs.

The driving force behind my services is the transformative journey I've undergone. From enduring the shortcomings of traditional medical treatments to discovering the efficacy of holistic therapies, I've walked a path of profound change. Acupuncture and meditation helped heal my high blood pressure, a condition prevalent in my family. Naturopathic medicine and homeopathic remedies detoxed my body and cleared heart issues. A clean, low-carb lifestyle, coupled with energy healing and meditation, led me to shed 65 lbs and maintain a healthy weight. These holistic approaches addressed and healed night terrors, PTSD, and other related conditions, equipping me to face life's challenges with grace and resilience.

Reflecting on my upbringing around Western medicine, I recognize its limitations. Both my parents were nurses, and I was a first responder in my teens. However, traditional medicine often treated the body as a machine or a chemical equation, neglecting our spiritual and energetic aspects. 

I believe most dis-ease originates from energetic imbalances, a perspective that was overlooked in my treatment for heart arrhythmia and depression. This viewpoint explains why doctors could label me as healthy despite an unexplainable heart arrhythmia and why they resorted to prescribing antidepressants with a long list of side effects as a solution. It also reflects a broader issue in healthcare, where the body is often not treated as a holistic system, leading to a focus on treating symptoms rather than addressing the root cause.

Today, I am committed to unleashing the highest potential in myself and those I work with. This commitment comes from a deep understanding of the limitations of traditional medicine and the transformative power of holistic healing. My services are not just about addressing physical symptoms; they are about tapping into the deeper, energetic causes of distress and guiding others toward a life of peace and fulfillment.