My journey as a transition expert began when I faced a major life change myself. My company, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics, was a thriving business, generating significant revenue and being sold in hundreds of stores across the country. However, everything changed in an instant when Hurricane Sandy hit, destroying everything I had built. The once-successful company was completely flooded and ruined, forcing me to confront the unexpected challenges head-on and navigate the uncharted waters of starting anew.

The loss of my business provided the perfect opportunity to detach from my identity and the ego's hold on my role as a woman, entrepreneur, cosmetics company founder, social activist, and thought leader. While these self-identities were good and well-meaning, they still created a type of rigid path and ego. As a yogi, I learned to hold onto an idea with strength and conviction while also having no attachment to anything – the paradox of living in this material world.

In the midst of such profound loss and uncertainty, I found solace in the unwavering truth that I was still alive, fully immersed in the present moment, and overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude for every precious second of existence. Practicing non-dual tantra teaches that we are countless vibrating cells of potentiality and that creation is recreated every moment. This realization, represented in the Tibetan Buddhist term "Chod," which means "cutting through illusion to what is true," allowed me to live in the present, arising experience.

My expertise in guiding others through transitions also stems from my 50+ years of practicing non-dual tantra meditation. This tradition focuses on the present moment, allowing a person to experience consciousness without the burden of history or memory. It provides a renewed perspective as fear and scarcity subside, making room for new possibilities to emerge.

One of my clients, a wealthy philanthropist passionate about health options in underserved communities, found herself at a crossroads. After 25 years of raising her children and running a non-profit she founded, she felt lonely, isolated, and ready for a change. As an empty nester and divorcee, she no longer had the passion for running or funding her organization.

Together, we used internal meditative adventures to help her imagine what it would feel like to resign from her non-profit and sell the home she had built and nurtured for over two decades. We employed different practices to quiet the negative, spinning mind and prevent it from dwelling on worst-case scenarios. By engaging in non-dual tantric techniques, we softened her intellect and ego, allowing her to experience the wonder of the sensual, sensory moment rather than living in fear of the future.

We developed a plan for her to travel across the country several times, testing the waters of living in a vibrant city where friends and neighbors replaced the gated community. In the end, she sold her East Coast home, moved to San Francisco, stepped down from her role as the executive director of her NGO, and embarked on a new journey. She started dating, joined new boards that brought her joy, and became a documentary film producer.

She refers to me as her "shaman" and expresses gratitude for the help I provided as she transitioned out of a life that was ending and into a new beginning.

My own journey through the loss of my business taught me the importance of having a strong inner compass and a supportive network. As a long-time meditator, I was able to adjust to my new circumstances, but I recognize that not everyone has access to the same resources.

In my work with clients, I delve deep into their lives to explore the bottlenecks that prevent them from experiencing joy and freedom. I offer transformative tantric practices that encourage them to play with reality, identity, and ego, inviting them to live more in the moment. While there is a misconception that tantra is solely focused on sexuality, it actually encompasses the arising of all experiences (qualia) of the present. Non-dual tantra provides over 100 practices to dissolve rigid identities, allowing one to live more intuitively and sensually.

The intellect and ego, as tools of the mind, separate us and create a sense of incompleteness, always seeking something more. Non-dual tantra, however, teaches us through experiential practices that we are already whole, our fundamental nature is blissful, and we are forever connected to all that exists.