It has been recognized in Chinese Medicine for millennia, that the concept of ‘Qi’ as some part of the ‘being alive’ experience of human existence is significant!

While Western Medicine tends to focus more on addressing the physical manifestation of illness and/or traditionally a more of a segregated approach; TCM includes many ways of proactively balancing or harmonizing “Qi” or “Life Force Energy” to proactively support optimal health and well being.

“Qi” may be viewed in terms of a pair of complementary opposites (Yin and Yang) involved in life processes and which if unbalanced will lead to illness or “dis-ease”. This can also be described as “masculine” or “feminine” energies. And therefore takes into account the natural evolution and flow of life; the sense of giving and receiving, expansion and contraction, etc… Appreciating how systems of belief, thought patterns and emotions also play a significant role in how we cultivate and/or sustain our health and well being individually and collectively.

Activating the natural current or Qi flowing through our bodies with applied sound and music can reduce inflammation, boost self-healing mechanisms, reduce stress, anxiety, pain and improve sleep. Individuals and healing arts practitioners can access this dynamic vibratory force through the voice (chanting, mantras, song), the contemplative arts (meditation, listening, observation) and through physical contact (application of bowls, acupuncture needles, tuning forks, acoustic resonance technology) and activity (yoga, tai chi, hiking, etc…). It helps to restore and stabilize bioelectrical circuitry, benefiting the organs and overall physiology.

The theory of five elements explains how Qi cycles through various stages of transformation and/or through various tonal frequencies or octaves. As yin and yang continuously adjust to one another and transform into one another in a never-ending dance of harmonization.

The overall philosophy, environmental design, and development of the So Sound A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Technology) are all based upon these Universal Laws of Harmony found in nature and/or the phi ratio. Pythagoras stretched a string and plucked it to show the fundamental and then divided the string into the phi ratio, thus establishing the root and the fifth of the string.

Hence why our logo, incorporates the yin/yang symbol of harmony. The outer circle representing the relationship of the root and the fifth and the “S” represents adding the third, which creates a spatial feeling of expansion and contraction. The word “So” in the name of the company and all of our products is the logo with the “S” & “O” on top of each other. “So” is at the root of the laws of harmony and the conscious intention and direction of So Sound Solutions.