Recently Suzannah Long was asked and answered the following questions. How would you answer these questions?

What is wellness?
Wellness is a way of being and living that appreciates what is, while being aware that there is a well within you that you can draw from to make subtle shifts in your energy field and/or perceptions to manifest what you choose to experience next on a physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual level.
Wellness is an awareness that the manifestation of physical, emotional or mental ease or dis-ease is the result of what you are resonating with consciously or not. Thus appreciating our ability as human beings to choose to learn from each and every experience and shift our consciousness toward higher octaves of light, love, compassion, and appreciation for this gift we call life and not “inner-fear”. 

What is wellbeing? 
Wellbeing is loving and appreciating what is while allowing and supporting the continual expansion and potential of what can “be’ as you fully embrace each moment and your relationship life itself. 

What is happiness?
Happiness is a state of consciousness that appreciates being alive, aware, and enthusiastic about life and how you can dance the energy of it in your own unique and authentic way that supports others to enjoy the same. 

How might you describe their relationship with one another? 
Wellbeing radiates or resonates with an inner state of peace, love, compassion, and happiness which creates wellness.