If you work in a helping profession, chances are that you have heard of burnout. Maybe you have had colleagues who’ve suffered from burnout, or even experienced it yourself.

Burnout involves emotional exhaustion - a condition that affects a person both physically and emotionally, and results from continually experiencing excessive stress. Burnout has been linked to many negative consequences, too. On a personal level, it has been associated with other conditions including depression, suicidal ideation, decreased personal accomplishment, and substance abuse. But it affects a wider slice of humanity than just the individual suffering from burnout - interpersonal relationships, workplace morale and relationships, and the quality of a person’s work can also be affected, for example.

Not only that, but those of us in helping professions may also find ourselves suffering from burnout in other areas of our lives! We sometimes end up overgiving in everything from personal relationships to leisure activities - potentially increasing the sources of stress that contribute to burnout, instead of helping to prevent it.

Luckily, EFT tapping does a great job of letting go of some of the piled up emotions that can (eventually) result in burnout! I've created a tapping sequence to address some common ones - click here to access the video you can tap along with. In this tapping sequence, I’ve put in an added bonus - I’ve included wording that invites the root causes of burnout to identify themselves.

Oftentimes, something has caused us to believe that we have to overgive without being able to replenish ourselves satisfactorily. Fears (for example, of losing a job or being made fun of) can prevent us from setting healthy boundaries or refusing excessive commitments, as can anxieties about self-worth. Once we become aware of what is driving our behaviours that contribute to burnout, we can address these root issues and reap the rewards! Good luck and happy tapping!

What are some of the roots of your burnout? Share in the comments to receive group intention towards healing them! :)