Years ago, my life was caught in a whirlwind of emotional turmoil due to a six-year on-again-off-again situationship with my ex. It was a cycle of breakups and makeups that took on addictive and emotionally damaging qualities. During our off periods, I'd find myself fixated on my phone, hoping for a message, craving any interaction. The uncertainty and confusion of our relationship dynamics were maddening. The brief highs from reuniting or receiving a text were intoxicating, but they always ended in deeper heartache. I was trapped in a cycle of codependency, with an anxiously attached pattern in a relationship with someone avoidant.

This toxic cycle didn't just affect my heart; it spiraled down into my self-esteem. It led me to make choices that were far from my core values. Each time we broke up, I'd dive into online dating, frantically searching for "Mr. Right" in hopes of escaping the grip of my ex. But these efforts were in vain, as I wasn't truly ready or emotionally available, despite my deep desire to find a meaningful connection.

The turning point in my life came during a particularly low moment. I was on the floor, curled up, overwhelmed by the pain of my unstable relationship. Amidst the tears and despair, I realized that while I could seek help, the decision to make a real change had to come from me. 

Recognizing the need for assistance with my emotional struggles, I drew on my experience of growing up in a holistic household with chiropractor parents who were focused on wellness. This upbringing had shaped my skepticism towards traditional medical approaches for mental and emotional health. I saw friends on antidepressants and anxiety meds and worried about the long-term effects of such medications. It was apparent that the drugs weren't addressing the root issues for them, and I didn’t want the same for myself.

Seeking a different path to heal, I turned to life coaching, influenced by my mother's dual roles as a chiropractor and life coach. The coaching process was transformative, helping me shift from being insecure and anxious to becoming more confident and independent. It provided me with tools to manage my emotions, gain clarity about my desires and identity, and break the patterns leading to undesired outcomes. 

This journey of self-discovery and personal growth was crucial in my decision to end my relationship with my ex, allowing me to truly move on and open myself up to new possibilities in love. The tools I gained from my life coaches also armed me with the courage to leave my stable job as a high school biology teacher and venture into entrepreneurship. Motivated by the positive changes in my own life, I took the leap to become a breakup & relationship coach, committed to offering the supportive guidance that was so vital to my journey.

Today, I am in a healthy relationship with my partner of over five years. This journey of healing and personal development has significantly reshaped how I handle relationships. I've evolved from codependent tendencies to a place where I respond thoughtfully instead of reacting impulsively, and I set clear boundaries for myself. This change has made me more self-sufficient and independent in all areas of life. I've been able to build a life where I am fulfilled on my own, and my partner's presence adds to this fulfillment, rather than being its source.

As a certified Goals Success Coach specializing in breakups, divorce, and relationships, I integrate my personal life experiences and 20+ year background in biology to take a holistic approach to personal transformation. This means that we consider what is happening in your body on the physiological level during times of stress along with what is happening in your mind. The structured framework of my Wake Up from Your Breakup program is designed to get you from point A to point B while helping you achieve more clarity, confidence, and peace along the way.

My services, rooted in my own experience of moving beyond traditional medical approaches, focus on healing as a whole - mind, body, and spirit. My approach goes beyond merely addressing symptoms; it's about tackling the underlying issues that lead to distress. 

In my work, I help clients reframe intrusive thoughts that hinder progress, guiding them to focus on their vision for the future rather than their past. I assist in reconnecting individuals with themselves, aiding them in redefining their path and purpose. A key part of my service is elevating self-leadership skills, empowering clients to overcome feelings of brokenness, failure, or defeat. Additionally, I provide strategies to manage stress, anxiety, depression, negative mindsets, insecurities, and fears. 

My commitment to holistic healing is both a personal pledge and a promise to those I work with, shaped by a deep understanding of its profound impact.