I struggled with chronic headaches and persistent brain fog, symptoms that stemmed from an undiagnosed autoimmune condition, for a period that extended to 10 years. In search of relief, I consulted various healthcare professionals, including naturopaths, western doctors, brain specialists, optometrists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. I tried muscle testing, ozone treatments, and several special diets, but no one had a definitive answer or lasting solution. The traditional medical approaches I encountered focused primarily on the physical and superficial aspects of my symptoms, often concluding that I was a healthy young woman without the need for further investigation. Rarely did they consider the potential impact of lifestyle, diet, stress, or emotional well-being on my experience.

On New Year's Day 2020, at the age of 31, my son had a severe accident. The terror and stress of that event triggered an escalation of my symptoms, leaving me unable to perform simple tasks like organizing a meal or being alone with my two children. I hit rock-bottom, and the only future I could see for myself looked like me staring blankly out of window, likely drooling on myself.

Fortunately, I had an appointment scheduled with a new naturopath shortly after my son's accident. During my follow-up visit, she identified discrepancies in my bloodwork that suggested a thyroid disorder, likely an autoimmune condition. This was my first solid lead in a decade, and I was determined to pursue it. Reducing inflammation became my primary goal, and I turned to the AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) diet, which began with a strict six-week elimination phase. Just one week into the diet, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us into lockdown, which also revealed how I had used food as an emotional crutch and coping mechanism throughout my life. Despite the challenges, I was committed to giving up whatever was necessary to regain my health and mental clarity.

As the weeks passed, I noticed significant improvements in my overall well-being. The severity of my headaches decreased, my mental clarity began to rebound, and I felt more inspired than ever. This process revealed a resilience and strength within myself that I had not previously recognized.

Our quest to restore my health also prompted us to relocate our family from the damp lands of Oregon to the arid mountains of Washington. Additionally, I reconsidered the use of my copper IUD, which I had relied on for 15 years. Designed to prevent conception by inflaming the womb, I realized it could be contributing to my inflammatory issues. As part of my journey to eliminate inflammatory triggers, I began tracking my menstrual cycle using the sympto-thermal method, which involved monitoring my basal body temperature, cervical fluid, and cervical position. Initially, my cycle appeared irregular and erratic, but as I consistently focused on this practice, I noticed a more distinct rhythm developing, demonstrating that energy flows where attention goes.

Eleven months later, despite the fear-mongering of my healthcare provider, I had my IUD removed permanently, liberating myself from the direct source of inflammation in my womb. The combination of a radical diet shift, relocation to a different climate, and the removal of my IUD all played crucial roles in my journey back to health. However, the process of removing my IUD and taking charge of my fertility has had the most profound impact on my perception of my body, particularly my womb, and has been the most beneficial tool in my quest for well-being.

In the process of aligning with my body and menstrual cycle, a friend introduced me to the book "Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power" by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer. This book became the seed of everything I have come to create, as it overlays the ancient wisdom of nature's four seasons onto the menstrual cycle, providing a framework that deepened my understanding of the emotional experiences and physical symptoms I noticed repeating each cycle.

Before discovering this holistic approach, being a person who menstruated felt like a nuisance, a burden, or something to manage. As I learned to listen to my body, this natural cycle became a source of support, normalizing my natural fluctuations and highlighting the beauty of my multifaceted nature. I now understand that the menstrual cycle is a biological process that connects us directly to the larger cycles of the moon, the seasons of the Earth, and the universe at large. It is also a language our bodies use to communicate from the core of our being, where our personal truth and the map to our destiny reside.

From my point of view, symptoms are like messengers, our natural strengths are allies, and practices tailored to each cycle phase are the remedies for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health issues. The womb is a doorway to self-discovery that can lead us on a path to the heart of our health and wholeness.

For me, what began as a search for basic mental functioning and optimal health led me on a profound journey of eliminating the root causes of my symptoms. This journey ultimately expanded my sense of self, confidence, voice, and connection to my body in ways I never thought possible. As it turns out, my menstrual cycle was the most powerful gateway to feeling vibrant, alive, aligned, and creating a life that I absolutely love.

Inspired by the results I experienced, I developed a passion for sharing this framework as a menstrual cycle mentor, which is now a facet of my integration life coaching practice. I support women by teaching how syncing with their cycle can help make meaning of their experiences, build self-confidence, and strengthen their voices. My approach offers a clear framework, using the four seasons as a guide, to understand the patterns of our shifting inner landscape, tend to the pitfalls of each phase, and harness the amazing natural gifts that our bodies hold.

I offer this paradigm-shifting guidance so that more women can rest in the power of their uniquely dynamic nature and unleash their full potential. My offering feels like being given a map and a compass when lost in the woods—once you know where you are, you can consciously create where you are going.