How dangerous is depression? -

How dangerous is depression?

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I am a healer who specializes in trauma of all kinds.I use Inner Child Journey Work, Internal Family Systems, and Shamanism.

Depression is a part of you that is keeping a deeper wound at bay, if you got to know more about the way it protects you, it could unburden itself and it could then become more of an ally for you, by stepping back and letting you be more self lead in your life.

David Couch

I agree with the basic consensus here. I feel that depression CAN be exceedingly dangerous if it's not addressed accordingly, but I feel (personally) that how you choose to address it is paramount. Sometimes addressing it can be as simple as going for more walks and changing your diet. Obviously getting outside, moving your body, and engaging in conversation with others has proven to be extremely helpful to raise people's moods.

However, if it's stemming from a deeper-rooted issue, I feel that the mindset you adopt when deciding to move through those old emotions, feelings, etc., plays a pretty huge role in HOW you move through them. Feeling like you HAVE to move through them can, I think, end up causing a great deal of anger and resentment. However, if you make an actual DECISION to start that journey along with the intention to let go and allow yourself to heal, you'll have a much different experience.

Dr. Charles Rice
Living Hope Clinic professionals welcome you with an open ear to help you, or a loved one, cope through emotional difficulties.

Depression is common, but need not be dangerous. Being depressed is like a flat, discharged battery. This is from having many worries that are unsolved. Unsolved worries make the mind dream a lot or have lots of Rapid Eye Movements, (REM), while sleeping. This means that the sleeper is working all night and not getting enough restorative, (Non-Rem), sleep waking up tired.

When one is first depressed, it is like a boat floating on the river with blocks to moving forward. At this stage, it is ok to float and do nothing for awhile while working to remove the block or find another tributary or route around the block.

As one moves forward, it is like floating high in an airplane. There may be ups and downs, but one is always moving forward.

I use these metaphors in and out of trance when utilizing guided imagery, (hypnosis), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, (CBT), for curing depression.

Don't wait, but call now for your healing.

Sharon Shores
I am a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner as well as medical intuitive and life coach.

Depression is draining --it can be situational, it can also be an inherited tendency, and it can be a physical imbalance in the body -there are many possible causes. I've worked with several clients to identify the cause and remove it. To me working with clients it's important to take a holistic view-so we can remove and or decrease greatly the impact of depression on your life.

Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Personal Success Coach

As others have pointed out depression can be deadly; however, it is not necessarily so. Depression can have a variety of causes, and as these causes are dealt with n a conscious or subconscious level they can be put to rest and the depressed person can look forward to a positive productive future.
Do general practitioners and psychiatrists agree about defining cure from depression? The DEsCRIBE™ survey. (2011). BMC Psychiatry, 11(1), 169–178.

We Stop Symptoms At The Source!

Splankna Therapy is a wonderful tool for getting at the foundation of depression, depending on the individual and their history.

Gabriel Santiago, LPCC

A beginning approach to a case of depression I believe needs to include a Bio-Psycho-Social approach. Depending on the age, social location, status, personal background, and biological makeup, etc. we can approach this condition with an idea of the factors influencing the individual and the potential prognosis.

The influence of depression can buildup overtime affecting many areas of our life such as physical health, our relationships with immediate family members, partners, co-workers, etc., and the tendency towards isolation that tends to develop over time, creating thus a vicious cycle that perpetuates and supports the development of the condition. Of course the most feared of all is the risk of suicide that is often present. The risk of suicide is also influenced by trauma early childhood experiences and age group, among others.

Of course there is much to say about the need to address depression adequately and in a timely fashion. I echo what has already been said and just want to add a little of my perspective on this. Just as in some biological conditions, the longer we go without addressing this the more acute it becomes and the higher the risks that could be involved.

Along with this, successful treatment can bring a sense of growth and enhanced functioning, which often happens in the long run through the process of recovery. Thus looking at the bigger picture might help us find a sense of hope.

Gabriel Santiago, MA
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Amber Stevens, LMT, NBHWC
I'm a mindful-based health coach and massage therapist helping others to tune into their bodies and minds for joy and wellness.

There's great advice here already, but depression can also come from a poor diet. There is a vast network of neurotransmitters in the gut communicating with your brain. Food affects that communication. 90% of Serotonin (one of the "happy" neurotransmitters) is made in the gut!

I'm happy to answer more questions about this, but begin by accessing your diet. Is it highly processed, sugary and fatty? Are you lacking in produce and quality protein? Making some food shifts can impact your brain. You can find support with your brain's chemicals and specific foods in my book (found on my website at For serious depression however, you will need support from a trained therapist along with dietary changes. Sending good thoughts your way!

Greg McHugh, CHT
Healing Trauma of This and Past Lives With the Light and Presence of the Divine

If you choose to seek healing with me, please use this phone 303-995 4276 (you can text me also) or Skype @ gregmchugh2

Greg McHugh, CHT
Healing Trauma of This and Past Lives With the Light and Presence of the Divine

Depression can be dangerous and lead to suicide. Depression, however, can be healed. It may be "caused" by trauma in this life or a prior incarnation, loss of loved ones, or the attachment in our energy of a deceased human entity or a dark being. Healing and clearing of depression is not difficult and often can be done in one or two sessions using the tools described in my book "The New Regression Therapy" (Amazon).

Cynthia Kemper

Depression can be very dangerous to a person depending on all the symptoms. One in every five adults have clinical depression in today’s society. You may need several sources to aide in this. Being an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner we deal with this in finding the root imbalance of the depression. Working on core beliefs and the changes in the brain functioning. You may need to seek out professional help. There are holistically herbs that can assist you also. There are several ways to deal with depending on the severity of the depression and how long it has been occurring.

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