Is it okay to do yoga everyday? -

Is it okay to do yoga everyday?

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Ryan Neuwirt
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Such an important question!

Yes. Totally okay to do yoga every day. It's really important to mix in other varieties of training. Even if it's just a more strength and stability focused yoga practice a few days per week. Some very basic weightlifting is always good a couple days per week.

One person I would definitely recommend listening to is Jill Miller if you haven't already. She was pushing yoga every day, contorting her body into poses that were seen by her yoga community as 'amazing'. And then she had a hip replacement at 45 because of it. She started the Yoga Tune up brand and brought soft tissue mobility and self massage into the yoga world. She is an incredibly smart woman and Everyone who does yoga and exercises in general should listen to some of her stuff.

I am a psychologist that teaches meditation practices, yoga breathing tecniques and mindfulness (MBSR) for clinical and corporate.

Yes is it good as far as you alternate different practices. I would suggest to practice one day pranayama (breath practices) and soft asana, and alternate with more intense work. The key is to alternate. One day rest a week it is also very good, in that case have a walk in nature.

Kat Flowers
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I don't believe there is one true answer to this question. Yoga asana, the physical practice of postures, is something that should be practiced such that it feels good in the body. If it feels good every day, practice away! Also know that there are many types and paces of yoga; ashtanga may be best for a day you feel energetic, hatha for a day you feel medium energy, yin for a day with low energy. Any type of yoga you practice should be one that feels good in your body.

Aviva Furman
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Yoga covers so many things. I practice every day, even if it is just gentle stretching in the mornings. Listen to what your body needs. It is so beneficial to keep moving!

Susan Bare
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Yoga is a healthy way to exercise. I have some physical limits so I tend to suggest using Tai Chi.

Linda Szetoo
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There is nothing wrong with exercising everyday. It only depends on how much each person workout, unless they are professional athletes. When a person exercise too much, they don't allow themselves any room for anything else.

Larry Mangel
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My teachers always recommended taking off 1 day a week and when I practiced Ashtanga yoga, traditionally, there wasn't practice on Saturdays, full moons and new moons. It's nice to rest your body. You could also take a Yin or Restorative class. Meditation and pranayama breathing practice can be done daily. OM

Tasi Jensen
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Listen to your body as to how deep or how long is good for you.
Challenge yourself, but avoid being forceful or pushing yourself; that's when injuries happen. If you're doing Yoga daily, you're already going the extra mile. Try different styles like doing a Yin Yoga Kriya once or twice a week to allow the body time for restoration.
A daily Yoga practice is one of the best health care programs out there.
All the blessed-

I'm a Functional Medicine Health Coach who partners with women that are trying to get pregnant and minimize their risk of miscarriage.

Depends what stage you are in your life.
I would say try do yoga 3-4 times/week if you like it and see great results and then do something else the other days.
Exercise is important but the body needs a variety of ranges of motion otherwise you can get stiff.
Doing yoga, like any other exercise, requires a number of muscles. If you're using those muscles every day, they won't have enough time to recover.
That's why switching exercise is so important.

I believe the benefits of recreation are for every body and strive to empower my clients' to recognize and utilize their strengths to achieve their wellness goals

Consciously connecting with your body, breath, and mind every day is a wonderful goal. Some days might be a long and/or vigorous practice, and other days, yoga may simply be a few minutes of quiet to focus on your breath. Find what works for you in each moment.

Jen Martin, MCWC
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I would say listen to your body. Start off slow and build yourself up to where you can do it at least 5-6 days a week. Movement and exercise is an important element to our health and wellness.

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