Is it okay to take charcoal every day? -

Is it okay to take charcoal every day?

I recently started taking a charcoal powder supplement and I have seen really great improvements in my skin! I am wondering if there is any reason to not take it every day though? I take other supplements every day, and I work out every day, but i know that charcoal has more intense cleansing properties than just a daily turmeric pill or something like that. So, can i continue taking it every day?

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Tania Sisel | Holistic Health and Healing
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I've only ever taken it for food poisoning. Now it's showing up in toothpastes and other products. It's job is to pull out toxins but I would think taking it all the time may pull out minerals and vitamins too.

Lois Pratt
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Pectasol C Modified Citrus Pectin by EcoNugenics is a gentle way that can be used everyday.

Minal Rajan, NTP
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In my opinion no -- it is a powerful binder and you could risk depleting your body of some important minerals. It is a great detoxifying agent and helps bind pathogens and unwanted elements but I wouldn't want to over do it. Imagine being on an antibiotic daily?

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