My husband fractured 2 Lumbar vertebras at 25%. Can anyone recommend anything that would help with the healing process? We are doing CBD oil and Yoga with Physio.. -

My husband fractured 2 Lumbar vertebras at 25%. Can anyone recommend anything that would help with the healing process? We are doing CBD oil and Yoga with Physio..

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Isagenisis works good for me! Where are you getting your oils from. I’m just healing from that same thing. Call and we can talk. I want to learn more about your practice. 801-381-8141. Janet

Susan Bare
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See if there is a BEST Practitioner nearby. It's a gentle healing system used to address various symptoms, it helps you heal yourself naturally.
BEST was created by a Chiropractor. I would also suggest finding a good Chiropractor.
I can help you locate a BEST Practitioner in your area, just ask, I'll send you a link to look in your area.

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Over 20 years ago, I compression fractured 3 vertebrae in my upper back. After 6 weeks of physical therapy and weeks out of work, I started with a local chiropractor.

I saw him 3 days a week for 6 weeks. It did take that long but when I hit the 6 week mark it was like flipping a light switch.

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When my husband broke his pelvis in two places, he was recommended Bone-up supplement by Jarrow. His doc was impressed how quickly he healed.

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Hello! I had a back injury due to a car accident and so I know what it is like to have back issues. The things you are doing now are wonderful! to add onto that what helped me was physical therapy, acupuncture and doterra essential oils. Yoga also helped me so so much. If you would like support in oils and/or yoga, please contact me. Doterra is therapeutic grade and can be taken internally.

Amber Stevens, LMT, NBHWC
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Hello - Massage therapy, all the way! Look for someone familiar with neuromuscular work. Make sure the therapist works the neck area as well. Lower lumbar restrictions usually make their way up the spine and hang out in the neck, causing pain and limited movement. Wishing him a good recovery!

Nikki Ahmad

Eucalyptus oil will help too. it available in any Asian markets or stores (Ranch Market). its called kwan long oil white bottle. try it. thank you.

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Self Hypnosis can help with pain management. There are numerous free ones available on YouTube and various other places online. He just needs to listen to them when he has time.

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Are you in San Clemente?? I am in San Clemente. New to this site and learning the navigation;)

Elynn A Light, MAP, RTT, LMT
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There have been a lot of good suggestions here. I also add the Lifewave X 39 (stem cell patch).
I also love homeopathy. And for this I would add the benefits of the phototherapy to speed healing with Lifewave patches. I am happy to pendulum which patches would be most beneficial during the healing...
My website for this product is:
I am happy to answer any questions and assist w ordering if you are interested.

Paty LeBaron
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I highly recommend Dr. Christopher's Bone, Flesh & Cartilage Ointment for any structural conditions. I've used it many times with great results.

I am an Alexander technique practitioner combining various somatic practices to support you in accessing your innate freedom, balance, ease of movement, and coordination throughout your life.

I would recommend Alexander Lessons as it is a method of movement re-education

Gabriele Schlumpberger

Homeopathic remedies in combination with Energy Medicine (Healing Touch/ Reiki ect.) gives you fast healing and also releases the trauma. It is great for pain relief and fast recovery. I healed my broken wrist this way in 4 weeks and could work as a Massage therapist again after 5 weeks I had broken it.

Life Force Energies Raise your Frequency Improve your health.

One of my clients recommended Bone Renewal from which supported her multiple bone fractures from a terrible car accident that landed her in bed for six months. After my research of this company, I started buying multiple products from them. Clean, organic ingredients, good pricing, evidence-based nutrition, great service, in business for decades. Bone Renewal can be found under their Signature product line. They offer 20% off your first order and 10% off "if" you want to subscribe monthly (no commitments, change delivery date or suspend any time). I don't work for them--just believe in what they do!

Also, eating as much healthy clean and raw foods as possible during the healing process will give the body the tools it needs to heal. That means no refined or packaged foods, only real food. Organic bone broth,, could also help.

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Bemer vascular therapy would speed healing by increasing blood flow to the area. Healing time is often reduced by 30-50%. Please contact me to try sessions or rent a unit for a month

Bob Weissberg - The Reiki Path, LLC
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Jackie, I agree re homeopathy. The homeopathic medicine symphytum (comfrey?) is well know to promote healing in bone. Reiki is also well known to accelerate healing, including fractures, without forcing the issue. Also, great for pain relief and general relaxation.

I am a EGCM Equine Gestalt Coach and Yoga instructor please review my website at Evolving Horse for more information. Also please go to Orange Door Yoga to review class schedules!

One suggestion would be therapeutic grade essential oils. Each oil is a mosaics of hundreds of compounds and have many healing benefits. Many of the cheaper oils have been adulterated or extended with synthetic chemicals.
I became introduced to the oils about 20 years ago as I received a Raindrop treatment for my back pain due to my scoliosis. It helped and I have been using them ever since for many health issues. Even though I am a pharmacist I turn to my oils first.
I also had a horse who developed a severe neurological problem and he could not even get up from the ground without my help. I started Raindrop treatments on my gelding. He survived another 8 months and was able to run and get up without assistance until Winter came along.
Raindrop is a series of applications of the following oils: Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram and Peppermint.
Essential oils that help with damage nerves are: Juniper, Goldenrod, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Helichrysum. These are some of a few that can help promote healing. Best of luck for a full recovery.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, safe, and effective therapy for releasing the trauma from the affected area and promoting healing and alignment.

George Mihai Georgescu
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Hi Jackie Honey,
My name its George and I use a technique for muscle realese that helps with pain and discomfort. It's called Emmett Technique. I believe it can help your husband healing process. if you are interested to try it and see how it works I will more than happy to assist you.

Classical homeopathy is a system of medicine to stimulate the body's own intelligence for whole, deep healing.

Homeopathy is very powerful in the healing process of most injuries including fractures. I recommend seeing a certified classical homeopathy for exact instructs but will say that Arnica is the first go-to for most injuries. Since there is a bone fracture your homeopath wound probably recommend the homeopathic Symphytum 30C or 200C, Calc Phos 6x potency and Calc Fluor 6x potency. My neighbor was back to work twice as fast after fracturing ribs with these homeopathic remedies. Another 45 year-old woman on chemotherapy healed faster with Symphytum than a teenager not using homeopathy. Both had broken their wrists around the same time. When using Symphytum the broken bone must be correctly set first before taking the remedy. If there is nerve pain or injury to nerves your homeopath would probably consider Hypericum or Rhus Tox. Arnica cream or T-Relief cream can be applied topically for relief.

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