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What are some ingredients I should look out for in my supplements?

I was comparing supplements brands and noticed that some have weird ingredients I cant pronounce, whereas others only list the main ingredient of the supplement (Moringa, Eleuthero, Cayenne, etc) so Im wondering if I should be worried about those extra ingredients. If so, which ones?

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Mark Wisniewski
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Considering an ever-increasing amount of supplement ingredients are coming from China (over 98% vitamin C) and testing is minimal, I would research all.

Certified Professional Midwife

I look at the source: is the product a food-source nutrient or is it made of synthetic vitamins and minerals comparable to rocks and elemental metal? Comparatively speaking they are few, but there are several companies (such as Garden of Life, Megafood, and New Chapter brands, etc.) that produce supplement products that contain nutrients that have either been actually extracted out of plants, or that have been created using a special culturing process. When we consume supplements that are not food form, then we can actually cause stress to the body as it works to eliminate the nutrients that are not bio-available. On the other hand, if we take supplements that are food-form or food-source, then they will be easily assimilated and utilized by the system.

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