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What was the most helpful thing a mental health professional said to you?

This could be a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, EFT Practitioner, meditation teacher, or really just anyone who helped you improve your mental health.

3 Answers

Hello there! I am Kat. I was born to this planet to help people in a profound way. Mentoring and healing practices are my methods.

From a psychologist who practiced NLP: Learn about yourself and you will see the world differently

Sara Schultz, CPC, ELI-MP, EDIT Certified
At Stillwater, we offer a wide array of healing arts tools and experiences for optimal living.

Your habits and patterns aren’t your fault... but they are your responsibility. This is based on a quote about neural networking by Daniel Siegel. I find that taking ownership of actions is helpful for me (and my clients), and also reduces the tendency to blame self for past bad experiences.

Jessie E Keener
I have spent my entire adult life learning how to be well and then doing it.

"If you feel less depressed when you exercise every morning, then by God, do it!"

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