When I am grocery shopping for my family, how can I tell "healthy food" from "unhealthy food" ? - Heal.me

When I am grocery shopping for my family, how can I tell "healthy food" from "unhealthy food" ?

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April Ricchio

I agree on less packaging and shopping the perimeter. However if you must buy packaged foods your best bet is to understand the ingredients. Avoid buying anything with ingredients that you are unsure of what they are. The more foods you can buy free from preservatives and dyes the better.

Kara Short, CPT-NASM
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I like to tell my nutrition clients that the best food has NO label! (Because it’s fresh). Other than that, simple and few ingredients like what was mentioned above. Make change that you are confident in doing....because, then you’ll do it!

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Hmmm, what is "healthy food" or "unhealthy food"? I have begun to ask my body what it would like to eat (when shopping and before preparing a meal) and am listening to it. The result: without diet or fasting I have lost enough weight to drop at least 2 dress sizes (sorry, I don't do scales :-) )

Michelle Reed
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Shopping the outer edges of the store where whole foods are typically found, meat/seafood, produce and dairy. Making changes in the family menu is a great way to boost health.
Start small, like adding a protein to each meal, especially breakfast. Try out different proteins or different preparations.
Start small, look at what your are already eating in a typical week and see how you could change it just a little. Like, a cereal with more protein and fiber or plain yogurt and fresh/frozen fruit vs flavored yogurt.
Start small, add colorful fruits and vegetables into more meals.

The real treat to starting slow is that you build consistency, you give yourself time to practice the actions around looking for healthy food in the store.
So, back to the store. Whole foods often don't need a label to tell you what is in them and they also take preparation to eat.
A good rule of thumb for foods with labels are simple ingredients list. No long words for preservatives or additives to give it an expected look or consistency.
Frozen foods are just as good as fresh and sometimes even better as they are picked and preserved ripe at the farm.
When you do purchase something with a label you can do a little math too.
Total grams Carbs - total grams Protein - total grams Fiber. You're looking for a low number, 5-10 if you have a heavier body type or weight to loose, 10-15 if you are a more athletic build, 15-20 if you are naturally lanky.
Please note with the numbers, it is not the game that gets success rather how you implement it consistently over time with healthy behaviors around food as mentioned above.

Please reach out, share your scenario or experience as well as your questions.

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