In my practice as a Holistic Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I’ve encountered many transformational stories, but one in particular stands out. Let's call this client Jane for her privacy. Jane came to me in a state of distress, struggling with high inflammation and a staggering array of over 25 symptoms, on the precipice of an autoimmune diagnosis. Her journey had been one of frustration and dismissal within the traditional western medical system. Despite working with a Functional Medicine Doctor, she lacked the specific, personalized nutrition guidance that she desperately needed.

When we first met, Jane's life was burdened with anxiety. Depression, hives, excessive thirst and dry eyes, sleep disturbances, and brain fog had taken a toll on her quality of life. She had retreated back to her parents' home for support, her professional and social life grinding to a halt. The thought of normalcy – returning to work or simply leaving the house – seemed a distant dream, overshadowed by the fear of collapsing from exhaustion.

Our journey together began with a therapeutic, food-first approach, focusing on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and targeted supplements. The AIP is a specialized diet that eliminates inflammatory foods to help heal the immune system and gut lining, particularly effective for autoimmune conditions as it reduces inflammation and alleviates symptoms by addressing their root cause. The targeted supplements were carefully chosen to complement this diet, each playing a specific role in reducing her myriad symptoms and promoting overall healing. Alongside this, we integrated mindfulness, self-awareness, and empathy to transform her mindset. Through self-awareness exercises, we shifted her perspective from anxiety to curiosity about what her symptoms were signaling.

One of the more significant challenges we faced was Jane's initial hesitation to incorporate red meat and animal protein into her diet. However, these were essential in replenishing her body's depleted nutrients. By the end of our work together, she had embraced eating high-quality meats, including organ meats. Though we saw improvements, we needed to dig deeper when she experienced hives. I guided her to follow the AIP with a low histamine approach, which not only relieved her hives but also significantly boosted her energy.

Setting goals was a pivotal part of our work. We aimed to restore Jane's energy to a level where she could live alone, return to work, and re-engage in social activities. This was a journey we embarked on together, and over the course of nine months, we accomplished these significant goals. During this period, Jane's anxiety gradually subsided. This change was largely due to the newfound sense of control and empowerment she gained from actively participating in her health journey. As she began seeing tangible results from our sessions, her confidence increased, diminishing her anxiety. The incorporation of mindfulness practices also played a crucial role, helping her manage stress and foster a calmer mindset. By the end of our time together, Jane had not only achieved her goals but had also developed the tools to maintain her newfound sense of peace and stability.

The impact of these changes on Jane's life was profound. Beyond physical relief, her entire quality of life improved. She began to describe our sessions as a source of kindness and intentionality, crediting the guidance I provided in the AIP with easing the stress of managing her condition. After some time working together, Jane was able to move back into her own apartment, resume her job, and rekindle her social life.

As a Holistic Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I specialize in supporting those with autoimmune diseases to reclaim their energy and their lives. Stories like Jane's drive my mission to help people with chronic illness believe that optimal health is possible. I offer a combination of personalized nutrition guidance, empathy, and expertise, empowering my clients to transform their health and rediscover a good quality life. Witnessing clients like Jane reclaim their energy and joy is not just a testament to my practice; it's a constant inspiration and reminder of the profound impact holistic therapies can have.