“Don’t try so hard to fit in, When YOU were born to stand OUT!”

I first saw this quote written on my fitness coach’s whiteboard. It stood out as I train to love my body and enjoy my health.

If you are like me and most of my clients, you too have been through some trauma in life. You now recognize how important change is. (Even though we often fear it) Let’s admit, with today’s pace in the world; change has become the new norm.

Not only do we have to survive in the shifting economy, we have to thrive. As my business coach Karen Curry states

“We need to know how to insulate ourselves from fear, provocation, separation and energies that bring us down and make life more challenging.”

I think we all struggle at different times in life. And if you never have; I would truly like to meet you!!! Through my preteen and teen years I did not always feel so great. I was bullied, kicked away from the “popular” people and seemed to be sick a lot of the time. My step-mother graciously said, “Don’t worry, you are the Ugly Duckling before the Swan”

Truth is I was trying to be like others! As I was growing up, I tried hard to make it to the top in everything that came my way; friends, dance, school and as I grew older it became, boyfriends, drinking and money. Can you relate?

I believe by following that insecure path is the reason I became sick.

Now that I have healed and become a swan, (although still flying to discover more) I do believe we are all on this planet to share something unique.

But before you can do that there are three key things that you have to do right now:

  • Discover Who You Really Are
  • Understand Your Unique Way that You Interface with the Universe
  • Make Choices that are in Alignment with Your Authentic Self

When you understand who you are and your unique way of sharing with the world, you will feel like a Swan.

To discover how you were born to stand OUT,

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To living Happy and Healthy,

Launa Germiquet