After graduating from high school, I found myself stepping into the field of massage therapy. My world then was small, still living under my parents' roof. My everyday life was largely defined by the confines of my home and the occasional interactions at work. During this period, I struggled with feelings of isolation and a sense of being overwhelmed, a continuation of the depression I had faced since my teenage years.

Back in high school, I started a treatment involving Luvox and talk therapy to tackle my depression. The promise of relief was there, but the actual healing wasn't as profound as I had hoped for. The long-term use of medication also brought with it a cloud of uncertainty regarding potential future side effects, which was a growing concern for me. At the age of 21, still in pursuit of a more meaningful solution, I expanded my treatment to include Wellbutrin, augmented with psychotherapy and psychiatry services. This route provided some relief, but I still found myself caught in a spiral of negative thoughts. The feeling of never being good enough was relentless, accompanied by a persistent sense of sadness and a lack of motivation. The persistent symptoms of depression were a heavy burden, making it challenging to find my purpose and place in life.

The traditional therapies I turned to initially seemed promising, but eventually fell flat. I felt unheard and unsupported, going in circles without making real progress. I weaned myself off Luvox early on, uncomfortable with the idea of relying on pills. Wellbutrin brought me hope for a while, before I discovered I was allergic to it. This allergic reaction reinforced the doubts I already had about relying solely on medication. It was a clear sign, nudging me towards the notion that there had to be a different way to heal, one that didn't depend on pharmaceuticals. This experience solidified my resolve to find alternative paths to heal.

I had a rock-bottom moment in my early 20’s, a culmination of ongoing experiences rather than a single event. It was a moment of realization - feeling directionless, engulfed in a depression that urgently needed to be addressed. I worried that I wouldn't get much further if I continued down this dark road. This acknowledgment of my state was the first step on a new path. I had to help myself, and the only way forward was to somehow find motivation to do so. The intense desperation I felt turned into the very motivation I needed. It's in these moments of true discomfort that we often discover the unexpected strength to evolve and make meaningful changes in our lives. 

Discovering craniosacral therapy was a game-changer for me. The process of becoming certified in this practice not only sharpened my innate intuitive abilities, but also instilled in me a new sense of purpose. Through it, I gained a feeling of meaningfulness that played a vital role in my own path to healing. Then I tried life coaching for the first time, and this marked a real turning point - it moved me and my perspectives. With this kind of guidance, I was able to re-write my story on my own terms. These experiences provided me with the perspective, empowerment, and accountability I always needed.

Despite these breakthroughs, my healing journey was not a straight path. I’m a living example of the phrase “Healing isn’t linear”.  There were periods of regression, times when I plunged back into depression. But with the new insights into self-healing I gained from craniosacral therapy and life coaching, I found myself better prepared to tackle these challenges. Some of the most impactful approaches to healing my depression were life coaching, craniosacral therapy, community involvement, kabbalistic healing techniques, and laughter yoga. These holistic therapies have been instrumental in my recovery, helping me get out of a dark place and find my rhythm in life.

As I delved deeper into my healing process, I came to a pivotal realization: the sense of isolation I had experienced earlier in life was a key contributor to my depression and feelings of emptiness. It was when I found a sense of community and embraced practices like laughter yoga that I began to address this core issue of loneliness. These experiences did something remarkable for me – they filled the void with joy, connection, and a sense of belonging that I had longed for. I learned that often, we turn to medication without fully exploring underlying causes like the need for genuine human connection, the healing power of laughter, or the importance of confronting and understanding our past.

Today, there’s a noticeable difference in my life. My emotions are balanced, I no longer have outbursts, my self-worth guides me, and I don't rely on medication for my mental health. Instead, I focus on nourishing my body and mind with healthy food, bodywork, herbs, essential oils, and supplements. It's been about a decade since I turned away from pharmaceuticals, choosing natural sources for my well-being.

Grateful for where my journey has led me, I now offer workshops and one-on-one healing opportunities. My services are a blend of all the skills and experiences I've gathered over the years. I believe in heart-centered transformative experiences through practices like laughter yoga and intuitive coaching. These offerings are designed for those who are ready to embrace life and take powerful steps forward. My motto, "Deep work doesn’t have to be heavy," reflects my approach to healing - empowering individuals to find joy and alignment. I aim to guide you towards your authentic, awesome self, which will naturally lead to a positive transformation in your life.