What is regression hypnosis?

To regress means to “go back”. In some definitions, this is seen with a negative connotation. Meaning, to go back to a lesser, weaker or inferior state of being. This is not how I see it. 

For me and for my practice as a regression hypnotist, I do not see regression as simply going back in time - and I certainly do not see it as going to a “lesser” state of being. I see it as going back in perspective. Perhaps an even better term, is drawing back or expanding perspective. Seeing things from a broader view.

It is the difference in what the mouse sees, versus what the eagle sees. Mouse vision is not necessarily a bad thing. It certainly helps us to focus on what’s in front of us and to pay attention to details. However, if you feel trapped in a maze, the eagle would see with much greater ease the way out.

It’s like - have you ever watched a fly or a bee try to get out from inside your car or home? The windows are wide open, but the fly keeps trying to get out through the screen or through the corner of the window. To us, it’s so obvious how to get out. To the fly, not so much.

Regression hypnosis is that pulling back, that expanded perspective, that allows you to see your “stuck” situation from the vantage of one who can easily see the way out.

Of course, there are many things that can keep us stuck or trap. Many things that can keep us trying what we think is the way out - when, really, as the eagle can see the mouse in the maze, the mouse is just running in circles.


Some things that keep us stuck can be: 

  1. Old beliefs (about money, career, relationships, self worth, etc.);
  2. Other people’s perspectives that we’ve adopted as our own (parents, friends, partners, siblings);
  3. Memories that we’ve carried with us (through lives, through others’ lives, through DNA, etc.)
  4. Learned coping mechanisms (protecting the ego, over-analyzing, shutting off or denying feelings, intuition or other abilities)

These are just some examples.

But, in my work, I consider “regression” hypnosis as an opportunity to get the eagle’s view of the mouse in the maze.