Why is this called “quantum” hypnosis?

A “Quantum” is the Latin word for amount. In physics, “quantum” is used to describe the smallest possible unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter. Physicists have used the ideas of both waves and particles in their studies of these “smallest possible units” and describe the results of their studies in terms of how these units interact with each other. 

One such interaction that has been observed, is the idea of “nonlocality”. Nonlocality describes the ability for two objects to instantaneously contain information about each other even when separated by very large distances. Physicists consider these objects to be “entangled” to the point where the information they share makes them behave as one single entity.

In recent years, the “holographic principle” has been used to describe how any one “point” of an object contains the information of the entire object. In my experience, this holographic principle describes the idea of “entangled” objects. Two objects can contain the same information (at the same time, regardless of distance), because they already do. The interaction between the objects serve as the “point” of awareness of their intrinsically shared information. 

For my work, we follow ideas of the same principle: the client is guided to interact with a part of themself that brings awareness to information that is important for the client to know. The information can come from any time and any place, as the information is “nonlocal”, accessed holographically. 

To put it all together, the idea of something “quantum” in this type of work is the nonlocal access to information via a holographic interaction. 

In this way, not only does is information accessed in quantum fashion, but consequently, so is action. This is why many healers have used a quantum approach to instantaneous physical healing: the healing itself is already contained or available within the client. It is the interaction with this existing healing “energy” that changes the awareness of the energy from a “potential” to an “actuality”. 

There really are no limits in a holographic experience that contains every possibility within itself.