I think most of what we are hungry for is authenticity. Because to me, being authentic looks like walking in your true power, giftings, genius, worth and wholeness. Authenticity feels like wholeness.

Because wholeness is being with all of that, and everything else. It is being one with all that you are and hold and have been through. It's not a state of perfection, no. It's a state of absolute acceptance of who you are and agreeing with the beauty of you. Whole doesn't mean wound-less. Whole means all together; having a feeling of acknowledging, seeing and honoring every element of you. Big and small. It means that when you are tired, you notice it, not ignore it, then you make the most honoring choice for your whole self. And take a frickin nap. It also looks like acknowledging your past and how it may be playing out in your present, then doing what is necessary to let go and live into your highest self; not the self you thought you needed to be or others wanted you to be.

Wholeness is a state of knowingness. Of togetherness. It is an empowered state. One of finally coming home to who you are. And standing taller, more proud and inspired to walk your way. You see, this is all we really want.

Sure money, health, a great partner & beautiful things are on our want list too. But above all, through it all, is the deep desire to feel whole and authentically aligned. Because money doesn't buy that. It can buy freedom and a level of happiness, but not wholeness. Neither will sex, love for another or trendy items. Those all can serve a beautiful purpose, but not solely the source of wholeness.

Wholeness is knowing I have all those needs and more, honoring them, but being rooted in a central source of you-ness. And owning it. All your quirks, all your gifts, all your you-niqueness.

Now, I want you to do something:

  • Pause, put one hand on your heart, and another palm open and facing up.
  • I want you to close your eyes and notice what you feel.
  • Okay, go deeper with your breathe.
  • Now with eyes still closed, I want you to imagine what being fully, wholly, truly you would feel like.
    • Are you living somewhere else? Are you doing what you are doing now? Are you surrounded with the same people? What is making you healthy? What are you inspired by? Notice what you are doing and how it makes you feel. Hold onto that. That will be the source of energy to direct your alignment.
    • If that visualization took you places other than where you are now, what do you think you can do to get you there? What may be holding you back? Is it time for outside support? Can you think of a next best step?

If that process, and your answers leave you feeling overwhelmed, sad, disappointed - know that would be normal. Also know, that if you don't want to face it all yourself. You don't have to. In fact, we weren't made to do everything alone. You have me, you have others. I can and would be honored to coach you through it, and so can others. But please, just don't stop there. You owe it to yourself to put int he work to walk in your whole, authentic work.