In the fast-paced world of corporate leadership, I played a crucial role in my company's growth from $12M to a staggering $2.3B, leading to its eventual sale to a Fortune 500 company. This achievement, however, came with a significant personal cost. Inspired by my father's workaholic habits and aspiring to be like him, I adopted his practice of long hours and relentless commitment, convinced it was a demonstration of strong work ethics. This relentless pursuit of success kept me in a constant state of survival and took a toll on my health.  I experienced ongoing physical symptoms like tension, headaches, inflammation, and exhaustion, all of which I mistakenly believed were just a normal part of life.

This unsustainable lifestyle eventually culminated in multiple autoimmune illnesses, ranging from chronic fatigue to adrenal gland shutdown. Despite taking leaves for recovery, I found myself caught in a vicious cycle, reverting to the same destructive habits. It took a stark warning from my doctor about the risk of death for me to realize the urgent need for a dramatic life change.

It took years for me to understand the power of self-healing and use it in my recovery. Initially, I followed doctors' prescriptions for antibiotics and frequently used over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and sinus relief drugs, only to realize they weren't addressing the underlying issues. These medications further weakened my body, trapping me in a cycle of illness without real improvement. I came to recognize that while traditional medicine is vital in emergencies, it often relies on pharmaceutical solutions that can sometimes exacerbate health issues.

Dissatisfied with the limitations of traditional medical treatments, which focused more on treating symptoms than addressing the root causes, I turned to holistic remedies and alternative therapies. This journey introduced me to naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, who taught me about the body's remarkable ability to heal itself with proper care and attention. I incorporated practices like meditation, yoga, and journaling into my routine, which significantly reduced my stress levels.

In pursuit of deeper healing, I became a Certified Energy Coach, learning about the crucial impact of energy on overall well-being. I focused on maintaining a healthy energy balance, which greatly improved my health and happiness. I also worked on enhancing my immune function through a better diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and the use of natural supplements. This holistic approach not only alleviated my physical symptoms but also bolstered my mental health through engaging in nature and gratifying hobbies.

My quest for deeper understanding in natural healing led me to explore and become certified in various advanced therapies dealing with mental and emotional health, each playing a unique role in my own healing journey as well as the healing journeys of my clients. 

Psych-K: A therapy that focuses on reprogramming the subconscious mind to change behavior and emotional responses.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): This one explores the interplay between how we think, communicate, and our behavior patterns, aiding in overcoming fears and enhancing self-confidence.

Timeline Therapy: This method works on releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs associated with past experiences.

Hypnotherapy: Utilizes guided relaxation and focused attention to address physical, emotional, or psychological issues.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Combines elements of traditional Chinese medicine and modern psychology to shift emotions and thoughts.

SHIFT Technique: A technique I developed, particularly effective in resolving PTSD.

After embracing holistic healing, I experienced a profound transformation. Physically, my body rejuvenated, free from the chronic symptoms that once plagued me. Mentally, I discovered self-love and a newfound clarity and calmness, replacing the overwhelming stress and anxiety of my previous life. This journey towards health and well-being has not only healed me but also given me the tools to help others on their path to recovery.

My journey ignited a passion to share these transformative tools with others. As an intuitive healer, my services center on guiding clients to reclaim happiness and health by addressing emotional blocks and fostering self-love. Witnessing clients' metamorphosis fuels my purpose – to facilitate their return to a natural state of health, joy, and abundance where they can live their life in harmony. 

Through coaching sessions, my clients experience profound shifts, overcoming emotional barriers, and embracing self-healing. Their testimonials echo the transformative power of holistic healing, feeling liberation from trauma, guilt, and emotional turmoil. The profound impact on my clients reaffirms my belief in empowering individuals to manifest lives they love.

My mission is to awaken individuals to their innate capacity for healing, guiding them toward holistic wellness and self-discovery so they can live in a place of peace, purpose, and harmony.  My approach fosters happiness, health, interconnectedness, and abundance.  As I guide clients through their transformative healing journeys, I reflect on my own path – from a driven corporate leader to a beacon of holistic transformation, redefining success as a state of harmony between health, happiness, and purpose.