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What are some of the best natural supplements to help ease anxiety?

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Keri Sitrick, MA, FMCHC, NBC-HWC
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My clients have had great results from taking mineral supplements such as TotalMins, CBD, and L-Theanine. Breath work can be a lifesaver, especially the 4-7-8 technique (in for 4 seconds, hold 7 and exhale 8).

Jenny Sieck
I'm an Intuitive Counselor who listens deeply beneath the surface & helps you grow your own inner voice so you can manifest your dreams.

CBD oil, Celery juicing, and Cacoa... not cocoa.... That is the right spelling... Reduce coffee intake. Reduce your intake of media stories and social media, Eat unprocessed foods and lots of organic vegetables and finally try some therapy. Whatever you feel drawn too; hypnotherapy, cranial sacral etc. Make sure to go for a walk and get some vitamin D. And consider good talk therapy if that appeals. With this the connection between you and your therapist is paramount. Slowing down and having the opportunity to tell your story in your own way can be very healing for some people. It is quiet different then being told what to do, or talked at....Feel free to check out my page. And be gentle with yourself.

Healing from within

I would also recommend to meditate. Start with 1-2 min per day and increase up to 20 min.

Healing from within

The best is to obtain these nutrients from your diet, I have expected that it is important to address anxiety from different perspectives, clean eating is one and looking into patterns that you might be perpetuating definitely helps. For example looking into the archetypes and see which one you resonate the most with right now. Also I would take a look in the environment, the people you surrender yourself with, how do you feel about yourself? What do you feed your eyes, ears and mouth are very important too...
how big are you on self care?
Have you tried floral essences
Are you sleeping enough?
Do you have obvious reasons to be anxious?

Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
I use muscle testing to find the root cause of your pain & dysfunction. Solutions include: chiropractic, deep tissue , reiki, dietary changes, emotional release, yoga therapy, herbs, and much more!

Lemon Myrtle essential oil - "Oil of clarity" - It rids one of excessive thought in the subconscious mind, allows the 3rd eye to function properly. This has saved a handful of clients from having their usual panic attacks, and allowed them to function in the real world. The tea at nighttime, and the oil in a bath. It clears the mind, uplifts the mood, and kills anxiety!


Healing from within

I would also recommend to meditate. Start with 1-2 min per day and increase up to 20 min.

Candace Foster
Our first form of health insurance is our food and our mind.

I hate to recommend supplements if there is a whole food option. Try a clean and whole food diet that focuses on a more plant based concept.

That doesn't necessarily mean vegetarian or vegan. Just less meat and when you do eat meat make sure it's of good quality.

Also, anxiety can also be a sign of heavy metal toxicity. Try adding spirulina and barley green powder to your diet.

Meditation and breathing techniques are also a huge factor in managing anxiety. Anxiety management can take continued work but can be managed with many different avenues.

Sharon Shores
I am a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner as well as medical intuitive and life coach.

I would recommend to get to the root cause of the anxiety.Whether it is emotional/physical/spiritual/ inherited and any or combination of the ones mentioned Even though you may never know the root cause-I can help you identify when it got started. There are many methods for working toward this. Emotion Code and Body Code is just one. If it is physical then there may need to be other interventions such as diet change, perhaps even some supplements --for example--if your body is reacting to substances --it could be creating imbalances that are leading to anxiety etc. My personal and professional opinion is that supplements are not the first option. For those who do experience anxiety --after we've identified the root cause --some of the supplements I've suggested are: ashwagandha, 5Htp, GABA, Passion Flower, Valerian, and or Rhodiola. (Note: through testing your body tells me what supplements would be best for you.)

Suzy Dito

Anxiety emerges in so many forms. What works for me one day may not anther. I have been exploring the use of L-Theanine. Ashwaganda actually made me feel worse while natural Gaba supported me in moving through my day with clarity and calm. Breathwork (alternative nostril yoga breathing) is also an excellent technique to unify the right and left side of the brain.

E. Chaya Weinstein, Ph.D., OTR/L
I am now happy to be able to offer you these approaches in my private practice.

I think a holistic approach to anxiety is vital. As others have stated, looking at physical factors such as diet, exercise, nutritional imbalance and the like are important. I agree that psychological factors, such as looking at one's anxious thoughts and reframing them, is also key. As an occupational therapist, I would add: How do you feel about, and think about, your overall life daily activities? Are you satisfied with your life? Are your activities and interactions meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling? If one is not feeling confident, inspired and connected emotionally and socially to others, that can lead to significant underlying anxiety, as well. I believe a holistic exploration of all these issues is a key to uncovering possible multiple factors. Thus, your approach to improvement might entail various modalities, working synergistically.

Sharon Shores
I am a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner as well as medical intuitive and life coach.

I would suggest that you take a look at the cause of anxiety -sometimes it can be physical --for example I had a client who had extreme anxiety and I discovered that her thyroid was out of balance. Another client it was stress in his life. Another client it was an intake of too much caffeine in product she was using. There are many natural supplements that will help --but looking at the long term solution-means finding the root cause. Feel free to contact me via my profile here --or via my website. All the best to you!

Alyse Rothenberg
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There is a lot involved in the topic of anxiety. Are you doing anything outside of supplements to help the anxiety? Supplements are used to help support the body along with other modalities, not just relying on supplements. A lot of stress comes from things we are creating in our minds, so managing stress, healing traumas, spiritual healing, keeping healthy in the mind. Also, anxiety can be created by the foods we are eating, so keeping healthy diet. Ashwaghanda is a great supplement. It is good to talk to someone in detail about your needs, and more of a health intake. My friend who is on here is great to do this. Her name is Jessica Elliot with clear happy fit. She is wonderful! you can contact her and please connect with me as well in case you need support contacting her. I can also help with the other pieces like stress management, energy healing, and nutrition.

Nini Gridley, MS Ed, BFRP
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Bach Flowers can be blended (up to 6-7) to address individual anxieties, fears or apprehensions. A consultation provides the opportunity to discover what in particular causes the feelings. The remedy is easy to take - just four drops four times a day over time, to ease the symptoms, find emotional balance and insure well being.

Paty LeBaron
Understanding where our symptoms come from and addressing the cause for better quality of life.

Anxiety can be caused by many different factors, so the first thing I would do is find the cause of your anxiety. Some of the causes of anxiety can be Toxic build up in the body, Adrenal Fatigue, Lactic Acidosis, Vitamin B deficiency, Hormonal Imbalance, Emotional Stress or Trauma, Constipation, etc.
Contact me if you think any of these factors might be your anxiety trigger and you would like to address it with herbal tinctures.

Denice Garrou
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Anxiety is a energy drain which contributes to other issues with the physical, mental and emotional body. You can learn how to stop the energy drains and become more resilient to daily challenges around you. You can learn to self-regulate your emotions which in turn keeps your internal energy batteries charged. Anxiety is a sympathetic response to triggers around you and you can learn like the animals of the wild when to turn it off so you can go back to a parasympathetic state of rest and digest. Feel free to see what HeartMath can do for you and check out my page. I just joined and can answer anymore of your inquiries. Namaste

Neurofeedback, also known as EEGBiofeedback is highly effective with lasting results. To learn more about neurofeedback, you can go to: www.eeginfo.com and click on anxiety.

Aviva Furman
Yoga teacher, Migraine support and Reiki healer

Hi. I work with whole food supplements and have had some incredible results with my clients with their anxiety. It is so important how we feed our 'second brain'. Everything we eat will affect the way we feel.

Nikki Ahmad

cucumbers and celery helps

Dina Garcia, RD, LDN
After overcoming my struggle with weight and prediabetes I have developed a true passion for helping others live the healthy, happy

The best supplement(s) to take will depend on the root cause of your anxiety. Seeking a dietitian-nutritionist to check for nutritional deficiencies and/or food sensitivities is a good start. It will likely also be helpful (if not more helpful) to seek psychotherapy and/or hypnosis to help deal with stress/anxiety. I'm happy to provide you with recommendations for both :)

Erika Davey
I use the Enneagram to help my clients learn about themselves, and others, so they enjoy easy interactions in any situation and a sense of peace, contentment and joy in everyday life.

Improving the balance of gut bacteria can often improve anxiety, as the gut-brain axis connection improves. Amare Global is a supplement company focused on mental wellness and has a product that is 3 parts: prebiotic/probiotic powder plus immune support and brain support and has been shown to improve many symptoms including anxiety. Please respond to this message for more information!

Ashley Hendrickson

CBD is very effective here is a link to an amazing product. In terms of approaching anxiety for a Functional Medicine perspective, however, we also need to look at what is the source. Food sensitivities especially to gluten, in my experience are often times a major trigger. Gut health is another potential cause. I suggest trying CBD to help ease the symptom while you dig into identifying the WHY. Please let me know if I can help!


Lydia C Griffith
Living the Nitya Lifestyle

Ashwaghanda and a blend of herbs by Himalaya company called Stress Care are my 2 go to herbal supplements for stress and anxiety. I would also highly recommend learning yoga breathing techniques which are even more powerful for calming the neurology of the brain.

Kelly Macdonald
A holistic way to improve your health.

Finding the source of your anxiety is the key.
Bach Flowers are wonderful at easing anxiety. Homeopathy also has several remedies. If the anxiety is caused by a vitamin deficiency there are many different things to look at. Please look for a Holistic Practitioner in your area to help with your anxiety.

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