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How does it feel when you are in a meditative state?

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Dr. Rebecca Sanders, DC RYT(500)
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You loose yourself, you don't realize how deep you are in it, until afterwards. and that is the point, to become mindless to feel like a mush that is absorbed into the vast universe with no external physical reality. You have to become aware of your mind, and learn to ignore it. It sounds like a drug induced state but it comes when you don't try and patiently, consistently commit to a practice. I can find any trapped mental thoughts or emotions and help you release them so you can better find meditative state.

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I feel calm, clear, stable and connected.

Julie Skoff
Stress Management Coach - Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer

This is actually a bit more challenging to describe only because every single meditation is different. Just like knowing that no two snowflakes are the same, or grains of sand, the same can be said for meditation, no two meditations are ever the same, EVER, and for someone just starting out this can be quite helpful to know because often times when we dive into a practice like this, we create a preconceived notion of what our experience will be like, yet this can work against a meditator keeping them out of a meditative state. When the mind is seeking to get something, to experience something, to feel something, it is unable to rest in complete stillness. So, adopting an attitude of allowance and acceptance are key qualities to bring to your practice.

All that being said, for the most part, if one can be still and simply focus on the breath, slowly but surely, you WILL transcend your thoughts and rest in a void. In other words, you relax in the space between two thoughts or rest in the space between two breaths. You surrender your sense of self and as you do, you transcend your own thinking mind. It is the definition of mind-bliss!

It may be worth noting that there are actually several physical sensations a person may experience while meditating, especially in the beginning, such as intense heat or cold deep within the body, or a slight sense of nausea or dizziness. Some may feel a ‘sway’ deep within their body as well, while others may feel extreme heaviness or lightness making them feel as if they are floating or expanding into the room. Others may become so relaxed that they feel as if their respirations slow to the point of ceasing all together.

These sensations are all normal, however, they can be a bit unsettling, so it is good to have a teacher or guide that you trust to help reassure you that you are on the right path. I hope this helps!

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