Should I drink coffee during my fast? -

Should I drink coffee during my fast?

I am going to do a weeklong fast (Saturday morning to Friday night). I am two days in and I am feeling good. Some cravings are coming up, but I had a dream that really turned me off of food LOL I'll spare the details. I have a strong urge for coffee though. And I think it could help give me a boost of energy. On the other hand, it could be really beneficial to detox off of caffeine. So should I drink coffee or not this week?

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According to Jason Fung, MD - author of The Complete Guide to Fasting, in the chapter on Top 9 Fasting Tips, "Drink coffee: Coffee is a mild appetite suppressant. There's also some evidence that green tea may suppress appetite. Black tea and homemade bone broth may also control appetite." Dr. Fung recommends all these beverages during a fast.

I help people from all walks of life set and work toward their unique health goals. Each recommendation is tailored specifically for that person's needs.

I also say no. One of the purposes of a fast is to help "reset" our mind and body, helping to re-establish a health mind-body connection. Coffee, even decaf, has components that may disrupt that process.

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