Growing up, I faced numerous challenges that significantly impacted my life. Around the age of 12, I struggled with thoughts of suicide and even attempted it once, albeit in a childish manner. Fortunately, those feelings dissipated a few months later. In my early teenage years, I was angry, rebellious, and constantly fought with my sisters and parents. I found it difficult to express my love for them.

However, by my final year of high school, everything seemed to turn around. I was happy, responsible, and graduated with honors. I got into all the schools I applied to, and it appeared that my life was on the right track.

But then, in my first year of university, I transformed into a different person. I struggled with bottling up my emotions, anger outbursts, binge eating, bouts of depression, feeling numb to life, and harbored strong self-hatred and judgment towards myself and others. My friends and family had to walk on eggshells around me due to my constant mood swings. I couldn't maintain relationships or friendships due to my lack of emotional connection, and I gained 50 pounds in just three years from binge eating and masking my emotions with food.

At the time, I didn't seek traditional medical help because my parents believed I was just a "moody child/teenager," and as an adult, I refused to acknowledge that there was anything wrong with me. Despite my family and close friends expressing concern about my changed behavior and unhealthy habits, I shut them down instantly, believing that my stable job and good grades meant I was fine.

My wakeup call came when a misunderstanding with my building porter triggered a flood of tears I couldn't explain. It was the first time in years that I had felt real emotion other than anger. For a couple of weeks after that incident, I continued to release my emotions, but there was no pattern to when it would happen. I realized that something inside me was terribly wrong, and my experiences were far from normal.

I began my healing journey with a variety of holistic modalities, each equally important in guiding me to the next. I started with exercise, which initially helped improve my moods, but the effects were short-lived. I then moved on to yoga, which incorporated breathwork. This led me to research inner child healing and shadow work, which were huge turning points in my journey. Through neural reprogramming and journaling, I learned to accept and love myself, shedding societal conditioning that had caused me to be in a constant state of judgment. Inner child healing allowed me to heal my relationship with my mother and my childhood self, releasing a huge weight off my shoulders.

Despite feeling happier and lighter, I still struggled with bottling up my emotions and felt an energetic imbalance within me. That's when I discovered reiki. After my first session, I felt the energy moving and clearing from my system, leaving me feeling level-headed, clear, and emotionally stable.

Before finding these holistic practices, I was angry, emotionally unavailable, repressed my emotions, struggled with binge eating, had intense mood swings, and was severely overweight. After incorporating movement, breathwork, inner child healing, shadow work, and reiki into my life, every single one of those issues disappeared. I became a happier and lighter version of myself, both physically and emotionally. My binge eating ceased, and my emotions became consistent and stable.

Inspired by my own healing journey, I now work as a certified holistic coach, Usui Reiki Master & Teacher, and intuitive channel. For the past three years, I have been helping clients feel safe, grounded, and free to express their authentic selves through one-on-one mentorship, quantum energy therapy, light language activations, and neural reprogramming.

In my sessions, I guide clients through inner child and shadow work, use guided meditations to help them rewire subconscious patterns, heal from past trauma, break free from limitations, and offer channeled spiritual guidance and information. My passion in life is to support others on their spiritual healing journey, just as I have been supported on mine.