At 18, I took a life-changing leap, moving from Colombia to China. This move was more than just a cultural shift; it was a stepping stone into a series of life-altering events that would challenge and ultimately transform me. My 10 year  journey abroad taught me an essential lesson: Embracing change means being open to both the joys and the hardships, and my time in China encapsulated this truth in ways I couldn't have anticipated.

During my years in China, one of the most pivotal experiences I faced was a motorcycle accident. The accident was severe; leaving me with multiple broken bones, a 10-month hospital stay, hip and knee replacements. This period was not just about physical healing; it was a time of deep mental and emotional struggle. Traditional medicine and physiotherapy played their part, but I continued to feel like something was missing. It was during this grueling recovery that a dear professor from college introduced me to energy healing. This experience reignited my fascination with China's holistic approach to medicine, the very reason I moved there in the first place.

With this rekindled spark of interest for holistic health, I began exploring plant medicine, using natural herbs and remedies to complement my healing. Tai chi also became a part of my routine, helping me gently reconnect with my body through its flowing movements and deep breathing techniques. But the most profound discovery was Reiki, a form of energy healing that channels universal energy for healing and balance. 

These practices went beyond physical recuperation; they were instrumental in my mental and emotional recovery, helping me navigate the complexities of hospitalization, medical treatments, and the trauma of the accident. Embracing the concept of conscious self-healing and understanding the power of the mind, I became fully focused on healing as a whole - mind, body, and soul. Thanks to my unwavering intentions and the holistic tools I leaned on, I defied expectations and began walking after 12 months, significantly ahead of the projected 1.5 year timeline.

As time progressed, my journey was marked by a series of new challenges. These included career setbacks, poor trust decisions as an entrepreneur, wrongful incarceration in China, surviving sexual assault, and an unhealthy relationship that led to divorce. Each of these experiences, though painful, taught me valuable lessons about surrender, self-acceptance, self-love, and true healing. I began to view life’s toughest moments not as obstacles, but as opportunities for needed transformation.

As I delved deeper into learning about healing ourselves holistically, one of the modalities that truly captivated me was sound healing. Growing up in a musical family, sound had always been a significant part of my life. Discovering the healing potential of sound felt like a natural progression, aligning with my deep-rooted connection to music. Discovering the soothing and transformative effects of vibrations and frequencies, I was inspired to become a certified sound healer and soul purpose coach, embracing the therapeutic benefits of sound with dedication. 

Additionally, as a freediver, I've always been amazed by the power of breath. This fascination led me to explore various holistic breathwork techniques aimed at achieving physical and emotional balance. It was during this exploration that I discovered somatic breathwork, a technique that had a significant impact on my well-being, bringing about great changes in my mental and emotional state. The positive way in which I started to experience life was so significant that I decided to become a certified breathwork practitioner, eager to share this powerful modality with others. Now, my daily practices encompass energy work, sound healing, and breathwork, each playing a crucial role in maintaining my holistic well-being.

As a trained professional in holistic wellness, I combine my expertise with a mindset of positivity, love, and good intentions. I'm dedicated to guiding others through their own healing journeys. It's incredibly rewarding for me to facilitate the release of deep-seated trauma and energy blockages. My focus is on creating a nurturing environment where individuals can safely confront and work through their suppressed emotions. I offer services in energy healing, breathwork, and sound therapy, aiming to guide you towards a life of balance, harmony, and true healing.