Quantum physics tells us that all of creation is made of vibration/energy, including audible or inaudible sound. Human beings are walking symphonies of sound: a gurgling or growling stomach, intrauterine sound, heartbeat, rushing blood. We are a composed of many tones. Our body's shape, movements, desires, motivations, and wellness are determined by this inner concert. 

The way something vibrates determines what it is. For example, the frequency of water is 18.02 Hertz which means that the water molecules vibrate 18.02 times per second. It is important to know the resonant frequency of things because then we can change its structure. (a more complete explanation of sound healing is in: Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning, S. Jonas) Sound is used in industry to break up concrete, freeze ice cream and kill milk bacteria, among other things.

From a Sound Healer’s perspective, when we experience emotional or physical symptoms we are literally out of tune, or in dissonance. All living systems dissipate energy over time that cause us to move further and further from equilibrium. We can easily detect this in the form of uneasiness and minor discomforts. We can ignore them, or examine our lives to find where we are leaking energy. If we do ignore the conditions, we will continue to move further out of balance and soon find ourselves in chaos with stronger symptoms. 

Sound Therapy is finding the corrective frequency and the best way to deliver the frequency for the desired effect. This tone/frequency(ies) will affect the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. By applying the correct frequencies through headphones, or vibroacoustic table/chair these imbalances can be brought back in tune through the Law of Entrainment. There have been many remarkable cases where physical conditions that were deemed hopeless by traditional medicine standards were dramatically improved, including impossibilities like growing a new kneecap, strengthening damaged muscles, detoxing heavy metals, completely repairing bone fractures, and reversing macular degeneration.

As a sound practitioner I have seen improvements in digestion, thyroid functioning, emotional balance, lung congestion, allergies, metal toxicity, fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, and cancer tumor reduction and cell counts. When one keeps in mind that all is vibration, then it makes perfect sense to apply vibration for symptom correction.

In addition to sets of Personal Frequencies, there are ‘over the counter’ sets of frequencies for various dis-eases such as Digest Aid, Knee Aid, Spinal Ease, Muscle Ease, Bone Healing, Autism and many more.

The use of sound and light is certainly the medicine of the future, and I would say the future is here.