Does hypnotherapy work for brain fog? How effective is it? How much will it cost? How many sessions will I need? Can self-hypnosis be helpful? We share the answers to these questions and more in the content below, in the hopes, it will help you make an informed decision about using hypnosis for brain fog.

Does Hypnotherapy Work for Brain Fog?

Hypnotherapy may help you find clarity. It may help you manage and treat your brain fog if you are experiencing it. How does it do so? It all comes down to the role hypnotherapy plays in the treatment of brain fog: relaxation, clarity, supportive, and of self-care.

Hypnotherapy works for a person living with brain fog through:

1. Hypnosis: Hypnosis leads to a deep feeling of relaxation. Also depending on a person's level of hypnotizability can lead to a person's mind being receptive to suggestion.

2. Suggestions: The suggestions a hypnotherapist will use can either be direct or indirect and may help you overcome the symptoms you are experiencing that are associated with brain fog.

Self-hypnosis and Brain Fog

Self-hypnosis can be very helpful for brain fog, during many aspects of hypnotherapy treatment, including:

  1. Before treatment
  2. During treatment
  3. After treatment

Utilizing self-hypnosis for brain fog can help you maintain the progress that you achieve through sessions. A hypnotherapist can teach you self-hypnosis and may also offer recorded CDs or Mp3's of your sessions for you to use outside of in-person sessions.

How Many Sessions Will I Need Brain Fog?

The number of hypnotherapy sessions you will need for treating brain fog will vary from person to person. You may find that you experience progress in the intensity of brain fog as soon as after your first session.

Although one size does not fit all, the range of the suggested number of sessions is often: 3-12

When you first are looking for a hypnotherapist to manage and treat brain fog, talking to the hypnotherapist about your:

  1. Needs

  2. Symptoms

  3. Goals for treatment

And lastly, consider asking: What experience do you have working with and treating brain fog?

Why should you communicate these three aspects of what you need, and find out what experience they have with treating brain fog? Because doing so will help you and a hypnotherapist that you choose to work with ensure the best hypnotherapy treatment plan for you can be uniquely created and carried out.

What Will it Cost?

When you are trying to figure out what it will cost to treat brain fog with hypnotherapy, a good place to start is to understand that the cost for a session will differ based on where you live in the nation. Even in the same city, hourly rates can vary. The range of cost per session could be anywhere in the range of $75-$200. If you are open to buying a package of sessions upfront, you may be able to save on the cost per session.

One other way of offsetting costs is to ask a hypnotherapist if they offer any discounts as a part of their practice.

For answers to questions about costs and a more in-depth overview, read: How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost?.

Complementary Approaches to Treating Brain Fog

Other complementary medicines and holistic approaches often recommended and suggested for the treatment of brain fog include:

1. Acupuncture

2. Massage therapy

3. Homeopathy

4. Hypnosis

5. Tai Chi

6. Qi Gong

7. Float therapy

8. Yoga

9. Meditation

10. Guided meditation

Additional Information

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