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Can craniosacral therapy cause headaches?

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Deanna M. Rasch MFA, EFTP, CST, CNT, MA-LIS
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I agree with the earlier insightful comments. I'd like to add that, in addition to my experience as a practitioner, in receiving I've found that, based on the practitioner's experience and training level, a more mechanical approach (on the way to increasingly subtle palpation skills) performed at the head alone can sometimes bring on a headache in the receiver. The practitioner's ability to call hydration to areas of movement reduces this risk, as well as venous sinus training.

Dr. Daniel Silver, DC

Generally craniosacral therapies are more likely to relieve than cause headaches, but sometimes in the rebalancing process, other problems will surface which could produce headaches. Also, sometimes something else may occur around the time you have the treatment that activates the headache. Was this your firsrt treatment? If not, have you gotten a headache before?

Bob Weissberg - The Reiki Path, LLC
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Methods such as Craniosacral Therapy often trigger shifts in structure and function. Releasing old dysfunctional patterns may transiently result in a number of symptoms, which might include headache. The longer a dysfunctional state has been present, the more likely it is that symptoms can occur as part of the healing process.

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