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Can craniosacral therapy help headaches?

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David Nemeroff, NCBTMB
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Depending on the cause of the headaches, craniosacral therapy can be a great way to help relieve them. I have worked on tons of people and seen the huge benefit it can make. If the cranial bones are restricted and/or cranial nerves are being impinged, craniosacral therapy can help remove those restrictions and allow for healthy mobility while softening the surrounding membranes. Plus it is so relaxing. I highly recommend it.

Cynthia Kemper

Headaches are caused by many different type of imbalances within our bodies. Uncovering the imbalance and then getting the release and aide your body needs so this does not occur again. It can be from stress yes, but also it can be from the circulatory system in the head veins or arteries. There are many underlying issues with headaches. Finding the root imbalance and correcting it is how we can help you. Some people find it helpful to add the herb called Feverfew to aide in their headaches with much benefit and release. If you feel so inclined and have not found the answer you are searching for please reach out. Blessings

Sharon Shores
I am a Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner as well as medical intuitive and life coach.

Yes, definitely craniosacral can help headaches ~ but there are many reasons for headaches from simple to complex --many times it is emotional and stress related. It's important to explore the underlying cause. If you think/feel that it might be emotional feel free to contact me via my profile here.

Kelly Macdonald
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Headaches can be broken down into several causes: structural, biochemical, emotion, and energy. Cranial-sacral can help with structural and that often opens up the pathway to healing other areas.

Elynn A Light, MAP, RTT, LMT
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Yes craniosacral can help headaches.
I first pendulum how many causes to the headaches there are...and if it would be helpful. Then you are saving money and get your best results.
I'm a craniosacral therapist. I also do hypnotherapy and emotional release. There are so many variables to consider...let me know if I can help.

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It can help headaches, however there are many other variables that have to be considered. Factors such as tumors, oxygenation, anemia, blood sugar, spinal misalignments, etc.

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