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Craniosacral Therapy

where is craniosacral system?

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Deanna M. Rasch MFA, EFTP, CST, CNT, MA-LIS
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I'll just add a little note to what the others have said...the effects extend with the nerves as they branch from the spinal cord, leaving the dural sac (which contains the cerebral spinal fluid) via the dural sleeves (which are connective tissue). This helps to explain the effects this therapy has on the tissues outside of the dura, away from the spine, as signals are sent through palpation and release of adhesions or twists in the dura or the sleeves themselves. As nerves are freed to circulation signals from the spinal fluid, the tissues they reach also benefit from increased circulation.

Dr. Clinton Orsini, DC
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The craniosacral system flows within the skull, down the spinal column, ending within the sacrum. In short, you head and spine.

Jasmine Cherry

The Cranioscaral system would be the fluid around the brain and spine. Cranio (brain) - sacral (spine)

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