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Can craniosacral therapy cause headaches?

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Ed Ferrigan
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Make sure you are hydrated.

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I notice often when working with soft tissue especially, a hands-on therapeutic session can feel great but as soon as you sit in the car or go back to your daily normals, old pattern sets in which can cause the body, nervous system, connective tissue to trigger a healing response. This often causes a tensing in the body since there is likely a misalignment which was temporarily removed, but life caused it to reverse back. I have personally helped to release my chronic headaches by working with my moment to moment spinal alignment & strengthening the myofascial network to help hold the body in suspension as a new pattern of lightness & ease. Reach out if you're curious for more longterm support & to help set up the body up to heal itself

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CST (craniosacral therapy) should not cause headaches. However, someone might experience headache as a result of the changes or shifts that take place in the body after a CST session. Those should naturally resolve and not last longer than a day or two. If you need more insight into what you are feeling after a session, reach out to your practitioner to ask about what might have shifted during the work.

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