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Can hypnosis help me remove my sugar cravings?

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Sugar cravings can mean that you're craving sweetness in your life that has nothing to do with actually eating sweets. Maybe you're craving love, which would indicate a heart chakra issue. When you heal that issue and allow yourself to receive/give in a healthy way the love/sweetness you crave, your sugar cravings will go away.

Anna Rathbun, NC
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Sugar cravings are often the body's own survival system, trying to quickly alleviate low blood sugar from not eating often enough. Maybe there's nothing wrong with you? I specialize in building diets to help peoples brain feel stabilized so that it doesn't crave sugar.

Erin Ochoa
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Yes absolutely, Ive had one client who came for sugar addiction tell me that she thought it was strange but she just didn't have any urges anymore and just felt indifferent about the sugary foods she normally would crave. Our minds are powerful beyond measure. It all begins and ends in our minds.

Karoline Fischer, RTT Hypnotherapist, Emotional Healer, MD
I approach every client as someone to support in their own individual journey of healing and transforming their deepest issues, on exactly the level they were created.

Absolutely. I successfully help clients with exactly this goal all the time. We all have the intelligence of knowing that an overload of sugar is not good for us, and still we often intake exactly that. The reason for it is that it is controlled from beyond our common intelligence (and with that I am referring to our "brain" intelligence). There is an emotional charge to eating sugar. It fills a void, it makes us feel good, it reminds us of certain people, it makes us feel warm, etc. With RTT Hypnotherapy we take that emotional charge out of it. We focus on the intelligence of our body that will tell us why we crave so much sugar, we then can understand that, and also realize that sugar does not really help with those things/goals and can easily let it go then. Of course, in the process, emotions will be expressed that help us transform.

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We often crave sugar or some other comforting food or action - our favorite snack, another cigarette, online shopping perhaps - when we have a feeling inside us that we don't like and we want to distract from it. Unfortunately, distracting from an uncomfortable feeling doesn't make the feeling go away.

If you feel sad or lonely or angry and you eat to temporarily feel better, that sad or lonely feeling will still be there when the snack is finished. So these comforting distractions don't fix the problem, of course. But it is natural to want to feel better and to seek relief.

Hypnosis is a great way to find long-term relief from feelings that lead to food cravings or cigarette cravings, or any other habit you'd like to end, so you can feel in charge of your life again.

Hypnosis can get to the root cause of uncomfortable feelings and help you become more confident and relaxed overall so that your emotions feel like helpful guides and friends that point the way to greater effectiveness and happiness in life.

I wish you well.

Life coach, hypnotherapist, stress expert, author and speaker

A very common question for sure and as other hypnotherapists have mentioned, sometimes it's not about the sugar, but a throwback to childhood comfort or a longing for something sweet in your life. I've worked with a few clients who assumed the issue was the sugar, but upon further examination it was a childhood issue, a means to escape or a reward for something done. Having said that, yes hypnosis can help get to the root of the issue and make positive changes. Thanks for the question.

Life coach, hypnotherapist, stress expert, author and speaker

A very common question for sure and as other hypnotherapists have mentioned, sometimes it's not about the sugar, but a throwback to childhood comfort or a longing for something sweet in your life. I've worked with a few clients who assumed the issue was the sugar, but upon further examination it was a childhood issue, a means to escape or a reward for something done. Having said that, yes hypnosis can help get to the root of the issue and make positive changes. Thanks for the question.

Tasha Love, C.Ht
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Absolutely EFT emotional freedom Technique will help you loose the cravings in just 1 session.

Elizabeth Sherman
Ceritfied Life & Weight Loss Coach

Although there are times when cravings are hormonal in nature, most of the time, cravings for sweets or other foods that we habitually turn to are often a result of our thinking. Therefore, you can get rid of your cravings for sweet through doing something like hypnosis, or you can retrain your brain to interrupt the habit loop for your sweet cravings through other methods which can be just as effective. Regardless of which method you use, it’s super important to maintain your awareness around why you’re reaching for sweets in the first place so that your treatment continues to be effective.

Certified Hypnotherapist

How many things do you do without thinking about them? You might include “walking” and perhaps even “using a knife and fork.” But did you include adjusting your pulse rate and blood pressure when you exercise? Releasing fat for conversion to sugar in the liver? For all those things, you can thank your subconscious mind for taking care of and supporting you.

But this is what makes habits hard to manage. We smoke a cigarette after dinner and that changes blood flow, affecting our digestion. The body expects that and has adjusted the way it processes food to match. Take away the cigarette, and now it can’t process food properly.

Or how about starting a new habit? We want to exercise more, and there’s that break at 3 PM when we sit around drinking coffee. Maybe we could walk then? But the reason that we don’t do anything around 3 PM is because we’re resting before the push to closing time at work. When we start walking, we might make mistakes and coworkers and supervisors call us out. Maybe more exercise wasn’t such a good idea after all?

The two examples illustrate how dedicated your subconscious is to you, and how wide the range of its concerns. As burdened as it is, every change in routine is a possible crisis. For that reason, it prefers to resist change. Try to stop smoking and the cravings get more intense. Plan to exercise and at the appointed hour you feel more fatigued than normal.

So how to change our routines?

Hypnotherapy is a valuable aid because it presents to the subconscious the positive results expected from the change. We’re not throwing a change at it without preparation – we’re getting its buy-in and support.

Once that commitment to change is established, we then proceed incrementally. When we wake in the morning, the body is primed to start the day. Adding a little exercise to that routine is consistent with the expectations of the body and subconscious. So rather than putting a change into a time of rest, we add it to our active routine. “I shave – and then I do twenty lunges.” What we add to the time of rest is laying out a reminder: “After brushing my teeth, I put my sweats on top of the dresser.”

To prepare to end a habit, we break up patterns. We stop smoking after meals. Through relaxation therapy in hypnosis, we recognize the onset of anxiety and soothe ourselves with deep, calming breaths while visualizing our favorite vacation spot.

And most importantly of all – when we meet the plan, we smile inwardly and tell ourselves “Good job!” Then that night, when we pass through hypnosis on the way to sleep, the subconscious reviews the events of the day and hears “Good job!”

If this sounds like the foundation for a life-long skill of habit management, you’d be right. Succeed once with something meaningful to you, and habit change becomes a habit! Through the sleep transition, you could eventually build that acceptance – but why not speed the process up with hypnosis?

Betsie Poinsett, D.D., CHt
Celebrating 35 years of helping people improve their lives!!! What an honor to have facilitated hundreds of sessions from healing open heart surgery to fear of public speaking.

Many clients ask me if I can help them remove their addiction to sugar and sweets (among other things). As a Hypnotherapist, I know that habits and patterns are formed in the subconscious mind which is 88% of our mind power. Hypnosis is one of the best ways to access that 88% to help people make lasting changes in their lives.

Recently, I had a very interesting case about a client who craved sugar all the time. As with all clients, I do an intake review with them to discuss how their problems might have started. Because I have been a Hypnotherapist for 30 years, certain reasons have emerged that kind of stand out or give me a “red flag” about these issues. The most important is to ask a client about their childhood.

Immediately, my client said that she had a very abusive childhood and she left home at 16. That was my signal to ask her if she had ever done any “inner child rescue work” to go back and help that little girl? When she said “no”, I explained to her that when our inner child hasn’t had any recognition or been healed, then it is always back in our subconscious mind stuck in that fear. This is why it is so hard for many adults to move forward, to find success in their lives. When they try to move forward, yes, they will get to a certain point, but then that little child who has been ignored, abused or abandoned starts acting out – kind of like saying “Wait a minute, you can’t be successful, move forward, etc. because I’m still stuck back here in all this pain”.

Almost always the first session I have with a client is to reunite them with their inner child. The client becomes like the mentor, big sister/brother, saving the child and bringing it forward for a grand reunion. It’s like bringing all your lost pieces back together again. Sometimes I call it “The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome”. Once united they are never ever separated or apart again. This opens up a dialogue between the child and the client. The child can help the client become freer, happier and the client can communicate to the child that she will always “have her back” always be there for her. I tell the client, “ask the child what she would like to do”. Maybe buy an ice cream cone, a pretty dress, jump in the mud, chase fireflies. Whatever she wants to do make time to do it as the healing takes place.

And, so, this is what I did for the client who wanted to remove her sugar addiction. Think about it. What do children love – sweets, candy, sugar. And what does that represent? LOVE. And that is what the inner child is trying to find – LOVE. If they can’t find LOVE then they replace it with craving sweets!

In the hypnosis session, we went to a sacred circle and invited the little girl to come in to join the client. At first, she said her feet hurt. I asked why – she said her shoes were too tight because she had to wear hand me downs. My client immediately told the little girl to take those shoes off and she was going to buy her a brand-new pair of her own. Then the child said her dress was itchy – that was because the material was coarse. Again, my client told her they would buy a beautiful new dress made out of the finest cotton. Then they hugged, held hands and I told them they would never ever be separated again. I asked the client how the little girl felt and she said “WONDERFUL, HAPPY, COMPLETE – LOVED!!”. I told her that when I saw her for the next session, I wanted a full report on what they experienced during the week.

When the client came back for her next session, she said that she had completely given up sugar, sweets, etc. She had no desire to eat them again. As a matter of fact, she had gone out to dinner with her husband. At the end of the meal, they shared a piece of cake. She said she couldn’t eat it at all, it didn’t agree with her. SUCCESS!!!!!! A beautiful outcome for both of them. This is what I want to achieve for all clients. It takes some work, but it is SO worth it.

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