Can hypnosis help with physical pain? -

Can hypnosis help with physical pain?

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Hypnosis can help with physical pain when the pain has a stress component. Pain is often increased by stress, worry, and anger and hypnosis can help you reduce these feelings so that pain can become less bothersome. That said, you should always work with your doctor to make sure that it is OK to reduce the pain signal before starting a hypnosis program. Remember that pain is part of the body's protective signaling, however, there often comes a time when the pain is no longer necessary (such as when the physical issue is being properly treated) and then it is time to reduce the stressful, habitual emotions that may be reinforcing the pain. Hypnosis is great for this stress reduction and I look forward to having a free consultation with you to discuss further. Please schedule on my calendar when you are ready. Talk soon!

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It's possible. Yes. Hypnosis is the process of changing our mental state - and so although hypnosis may not actually change the pain itself (although it might), it can certainly change how we think about the pain and our experience of it.

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Possibly. We have a body mind connection. So it depends on what you're dealing with. We carry many trapped emotions we are unaware of. So our conscious mind tells us everything is okay. Our subconscious mind tells us, no. You're not okay. So if your pain was caused by an accident. For example slipping in the bathroom and cracking your patella (I'm saying this because it happened to me), this is a real problem caused by an accident. My knee got scoped and they pull out the broken shards. Now my knee is go to know and I'm back in Yoga. Hang in here with me. I have been through a lot of trauma in my life. Mental, emotional, verbal abuse. When these memories and people cross my path my neck goes into a spasm, cutting off my blood and oxygen flow to my brain. Giving me debilitating headaches and dizziness. If you believe your pain is due to trauma, and not falling in your bathroom. Then yes, hypnosis may be able to help you. I've done it twice now and I came out feeling no pain. This is where things get tricky. If it's emotional, mental, verbal or physical abuse. It will be hard for you to let go of that pain, as long at that trigger is still in your life.

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