Can you contact loved ones on the other side during a Hypnosis Session?

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I bring a holistic approach to my sessions and meet you where you are in the present. I help you shed light on your past and illuminate your present to make empowered decisions in your future.

Yes, but "the other side" is very vast too. Mediumship and intuitives are different. Not all hypnotherapists are mediums and intuitives.
If you want to contact a loved one, mediums or trained hypnotherapists will connect with a part of your loved one's consciousness. This could mean they transmit messages, connect with a past, present or future timeline and share a message.

The more intentional you are with your question and depending how the hypnotherapist frames the question and reads energy, the more you are able to connect with their consciousness.

Step into your true power today & heal what's hidden in the depths of your subconscious. By addressing shadow parts, childhood trauma, and past lives you can begin the journey to self-acceptance.

Absolutely, yes. Hypnosis brings you into extraordinary states of consciousness. This allows the mind to step beyond our 3D construct and explore the known unknown.

In a regression session with a client, we went back to a childhood memory where trauma had occurred. After finding healing and resolution for the client, something amazing happened. While I gave them a few moments to explore what this healing felt like in their body now that there had been resolved, they began to say that they saw the father who has been deceased for 23 years, and their grandmother who had recently passed away had come to them with open arms. They explained to my client that they were sorry for all the suffering they had endured and that they were watching over them. This gave my client a stronger connection to their faith in the universe, and a chance to connect with their past loved ones.

This specific incidence is rare, due to the nature of the session. However, If you are looking for a specific contact, a Quantum Hypnotic Facilitator will be able to guide you through other realms to connect with loved ones.

As a Quantum Health & Healing practitioner, I utilize hypnosis, energy & coaching in conjunction with quantum principles for rapid transformation in assisting clients in regaining health on all levels

In quantum sessions utilizing hypnosis or guided meditation, you can contact loved ones on the other side, but the degree of communication will depend on their willingness to communicate and their method of communication.

Some will see their loved ones and feel their love. Others will know via telepathy or have open communication. This is between the client and their loved one and the practitioner just facilitates the connection and conversation.

Certified Hypnotherapist

When the conscious mind forms to protect us from social conflict, it shields not only our bodies but also our souls. The body is readily accessible in hypnosis, but a deeper trust is needed to access the soul. In that realm, death is an illusion that is best pierced by love. I would be hesitant to bring people together under any other conditions.

I had the most amazing session with a mother contacting her son - this might help answer your question! She was kind enough to give me permission to share her experience with others:

Several years ago, I had a handy man doing some work here around the house. He was also working in another town about 25 miles south of here to put in a new bathroom for an older couple.

The main 4 lane highway is the way he traveled back and forth. Along that road they were putting in a new gas station complex and across the street was a YMCA. It was a very dangerous intersection without any traffic lights.

One night the fog rolled in along that road and at that intersection a young man was driving south but had to use the left hand turn lane to cross the highway so that he could go into the gas station. He never saw the tractor trailer coming north in the opposite lanes it was too late when he turned in front of it causing a deathly accident.

Often I would drive by that spot and feel their spirits, of course, I always said a prayer that they would be escorted to the light.

The handy man who was working for me stopped in one day to finish a project here. I asked him how the bathroom project was coming along for the older couple. He looked at me and said, they had been driving home from Texas and slammed into the back of that tractor trailer - the wife had been killed instantly, but the husband survived (some how) I was stunned when he told me that.

About 6 months later a woman called to ask for an appointment. She said her son had died and she was so grief stricken that she needed help.

Just before she arrived for the appointment, I got an intuitive "flash", a knowing that her son had been killed in that same accident! When she got here, I didn't say anything about that. But, sure enough the story unfolded and his car had crashed into the tractor trailer, too. He and his passenger had been killed.

She told me that her son used to tell her not to drive near that intersection because it was so dangerous!! Many times she had called the Department of Transportation asking them to put a light at that intersection. Their response was always "We have to conduct a fatality study." Her response was always "What's the magic number, how many people have to die, so I can just wait until we get to that number?" She was not being sarcastic, just extremely frustrated. Only after his tragic death and making national news did they install the light with a turning arrow.

The lady, my client, wanted so badly to contact her son. As I never know what is going to happen in hypnosis, I had no idea if she could. BUT SHE DID. I used a deep relaxation technique during hypnosis and he came right in, telling her so many things. It was such a blessing.

I was stunned that the spirit of 3 people who were in that accident so far from my location all seemed to come together from different sources into my awareness! Here at my house they met at a higher intersection to give us information and validation.

She only came for one session and I never heard from her again until 3 weeks ago when out of the blue she contacted me through the Psychology Today web site where I'm listed. She couldn't believe she had found me so that I could help some of her family members with other issues.

The woman told me that the session she had with me completely changed her life. All her sadness lifted and it was a wonderful healing after the death of her son.

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