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Cleanse pills 14 day systems are they good for you? Or doing more harm than good?

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Candace Foster
Our first form of health insurance is our food and our mind.

I hate to recommend pills to anyone.
I always try to get what I need from my food. There are many forms of whole food cleanses and detoxes that can be a good fit for everyone.

Dr. Jennifer Shaw
Helping Women Find More Joy, Energy & Balance

I do a quarterly cleanse that is a total of 30 days, but only 10 true days of cleansing. During that 10 day period I also do not eat meat, dairy, gluten or drink alcohol. What I find after is that my digestive system function improves after, I have more energy, less food cravings and less bloating. I highly recommend cleansing on a regular basis, however ensure that you are being guided and using a cleanse that is right for your body. Reach out if you have more questions or what to learn more about the cleanse I use :)

Physician Assistant

You should never need a pill to do a cleanse. I would be happy to consult with you to give you some much safer options.

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