Does hypnotherapy work for everyone? I tried and apparently could not be hypnotized. -

Does hypnotherapy work for everyone? I tried and apparently could not be hypnotized.

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Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool that works when a person relaxes enough to access deeply held negative beliefs blocking your life & health. Fears can get in the way of this process, so addressing fears around this issue & having trust in your practitioner is vital.

Daniel Maresca, Clinical Hypnotherapist
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One distinct factor that is important for hypnosis to occur is an agreement to participate in the process. Someone can willfully resist hypnosis or they may have an inner part that is resisting the process. This is why education is so important at the outset to allay any fears or misconceptions about hypnosis and set those inner parts at ease to trust the process and the hypnotherapist/hypnotist. In some cases I may take a client right into Parts Therapy to address an inner part that has resistance to the process.

Beyond the need for education and making sure the client is fully on board is the skill of the hypnotherapist. Different people may need a different style of induction to get you into the hypnotic state and an adequate intake and initial conversation will help direct the hypnotist as to which path to take.

90%+ people should be easily taken into hypnosis by a skilled hypnotherapist assuming they don't have inner resistance or misconceptions about hypnosis. The other 10% (or less) may be on a prescription medication that makes it more difficult, or have a mental disability. All in all nearly everyone should be able to be taken into some depth of hypnosis. Hope that helps!

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That is an interesting and powerful belief that certainly had an effect on you in at least one experience! All experiences are different. The first important thing is the way that you resonate and connect with your hypnotherapist. I like to start all of my clients out with either a reading or a Reiki session. This way they can get a feel for me and me for them. Through this we can build report and already begin the process of healing. Then, ALL people can be hypnotized! Through my hypnotherapy, you are in control. You will go as deeply as you choose. The connection that we build will help that process feel safe for you. In addition, what many don't realize is that you will not be unconscious! Your consciousness will still be awake, we simply awaken your subconscious with it so that they can have an effective communication in order to accomplish your goals! In addition, I do offer a service that begins with Reiki and then goes into the hypnotherapy session, which is a big help for those struggling with relaxation and those holding tightly onto things that have become a big block for them.

Sheldan Chitwood
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Everyone has the ability to enter a hypnotic state, it's just a matter of finding a practitioner that you resonate with. One of my favorite ways to experience hypnosis is through a process called Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep. Nidra is a guided sleep meditation that takes you into the theta wave stage of sleep, where the mind is most childlike and seeds of intention can be planted. In this state you unite conscious, subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious minds, making it a powerful practice for release fears, trauma, and outdated beliefs.

Erin Ochoa
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Clients who claim that they can't be hypnotized are my favorite clients! We are in different states of hypnosis/trance everyday. The key is finding the right hypnotherapist who knows how to use their intuition to guide them in how to run the session. Versus one who is just reading a script, going through the motions and running every session just like the one before. Once you find that genuine authentic hypnotherapist who truly listens to you and your needs that will make all the difference.
If you would like to have a session with someone who is tuned into their clients all the way through then feel free to visit my page and book a free consultation. Looking forward to meeting you.

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Most people can be hypnotized, as it is a natural state most of us go into every day, such as when watching our favorite show, reading a great book, or having an engrossing conversation. Some people think they aren't hypnotized because they expect to feel relaxed or under someone else control, but that is more of a stereotype from movies. Hypnosis is different for everyone and often involves focus and alertness but it can feel relaxed, stimulating, or involve any number of emotions. For instance, if you're watching a great movie, you may feel sad one moment, happy the next, and excited the next. The common factor is that you feel focused and the rest of the world fades to the background.

As a hypnotherapist, I use this natural focused state to help you make changes such as relieve anxiety, improve self-confidence, or heal from past experience. Schedule a free consultation with me today on my calendar to find out what hypnosis can do for you. Talk soon!

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