Does hypnotherapy work for everyone? I tried and apparently could not be hypnotized.

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I help my clients release stress and anxiety through hypnosis so they can take charge of their lives feeling happy, confident, and renewed.

Most people can be hypnotized, as it is a natural state most of us go into every day, such as when watching our favorite show, reading a great book, or having an engrossing conversation. Some people think they aren't hypnotized because they expect to feel relaxed or under someone else control, but that is more of a stereotype from movies. Hypnosis is different for everyone and often involves focus and alertness but it can feel relaxed, stimulating, or involve any number of emotions. For instance, if you're watching a great movie, you may feel sad one moment, happy the next, and excited the next. The common factor is that you feel focused and the rest of the world fades to the background.

As a hypnotherapist, I use this natural focused state to help you make changes such as relieve anxiety, improve self-confidence, or heal from past experience. Schedule a free consultation with me today on my calendar to find out what hypnosis can do for you. Talk soon!

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