How does hypnosis help people improve their lives? -

How does hypnosis help people improve their lives?

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Karoline Fischer, RTT Hypnotherapist, Emotional Healer, MD
I approach every client as someone to support in their own individual journey of healing and transforming their deepest issues, on exactly the level they were created.

Hypnosis helps people improve their lives by looking at and understanding the root of their issues/problems. Looking at and understanding the root of why they are not living the life they would ideally want to live. We do that by connecting with the subconscious that has stored everything we ever experienced and is giving us the answers to all our questions without censoring, non differentiated. So we find out the answers as to why we don't live the life we would like to live, we understand, we express what we need to express to overcome that, we reframe and transform. The last part of the session, we record the transformation and my clients get that recording (15-20 minutes) to listen to and to keep.

We are a collective of healers who help people find clarity, balance & ease on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Hypnosis is an amazing tool for helping you to release undesirable patterns of
behavior, limiting beliefs, and thoughts that prevent you from living life fully and

Hypnosis has countless applications, but common uses include improving self-esteem, relieving stress, aiding weight loss, improving athletic performance, and supporting the immune system. Since it’s a natural therapeutic tool with no side-effects, hypnosis is also a beneficial complementary treatment for people living with illness or chronic pain.

Numerous clinical studies show that hypnosis can successfully help support healing,
particularly when used in conjunction with other types of treatment your physician

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