My mom suffers from Fribromyalgia, and I would like to know what natural herbs or products can she take to help control it. -
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My mom suffers from Fribromyalgia, and I would like to know what natural herbs or products can she take to help control it.

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Ashley Hendrickson

High dose fish oil and CBD

Paty LeBaron
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Hi Bal, Wow! So many awesome recommendations here.
My Experience with clients that suffer fibromyalgia has been that in most cases it is due to the low volume of water in the cells and the correct ratio of mineral salts and water, that allow the electrical conductivity throughout the body, this allows the crystallization of toxins in the tissue that feel like glass and are very painful, this condition also indicates that nutritional absorption is minimal and so nerves weaken causing more pain, then depression and anxiety, etc. There are many ways to address this, depending on what your body is doing it and how. Iridology is a great way to understand many things about the body and therefore address them in the unique way your body needs. Id be happy to do and eye reading (an iris scan) for you if you like. Meantime I suggest you watch a video on youtube called The Importance of Salt and Water, by Barbara Oneill. She is very informative.

Lauri Germain
Heilkunst homeopathy works like a time machine, by clearing the most recent trauma in your life, then working backwards in time.

Homeopathy (specifically the Heilkunst system, which treats the traumatic timeline) can be very effective for reaching and clearing out the underlying causes of fibromyalgia. From my clinical experience, in many cases the condition manifested after emotional trauma and/or a shock to the person's life force. For more information and testimonials, my website is Take care.

Valerie Demerski

I actually started my essential oil journey while looking for relief for my mom who had been suffering with fibro for 25 years. Through trial and error we found the right combination of oils to relieve her joint discomfort and get her back into a regular sleep pattern. She received regular AromaTouch treatments and about 2 months in I put her on a gentle 1 month cleanse. By the time she was finished detoxing she excitedly told me that her pain was reduced from a 9 down to a 2!

I guide empaths, sensitives, and truth seekers to open their mind, strengthen their heart, and step beyond the drama, trauma, negativity, and confusion in order to achieve their highest potential.

Hello Bal... Fibromyalgia from my perspective is about trauma and SENSITIVITY - what we absorb almost unconsciously from the environment and other people. There is no fix other than to have her learn to release and stop habits of being in the world - which is tough for anyone to do. These are not conscious beliefs - they come from the past - and, she is a strong healer as such - automatically absorbing what is around her. I am sure there are plenty of suggestions on how to mitigate the pain. In essence she needs to go deep - clear the past - and, then step forward today differently. No recommendations is going to fix this until you work at the cellular level for healing.

Rosanne Lindsay, Naturopath, herbalist
Naturopath, herbalist

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other autoimmune diseases are really one disease... inflammation. So foods and herbs that reduce inflammation should be the focus. See a naturopath for dosing. I can see clients in person and virtually via Skype or by phone.

1. CBD oil

2. Turmeric

3. Flax oil and cod liver oil


1. Multiminerals

2 .daily juicing

3. Yarrow for blood cleansing

4. Herbal tincture for lymphatic

5. Liquid chlorophyll or Spirulina

6. Choline (for liver/gallbladder)

7. Nettle tea

Angela Mari
I make a point of only giving true recommendations based on my own clinical & personal experience.

Hi there, Bal. In addition the the many great suggestions already posted here, I'd add to inquire about nattokinase when you speak with your personal practitioner next. Root-cause investigation & intervention will be very important, but many report improved symptom management of fibro with this supplement.

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Hi Bal, many times physical symptoms are related to trapped emotions of a lower frequency. Chinese medicine has identified emotions residing in parts of the body, i.e. fear in the kidneys, anger in the liver. I use a couple methods releasing stored trauma and beliefs from the body & mind called The Emotion Code & Advanced Integrative Therapy.

With a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia, I believe working with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are necessary in bringing the body into balance. I also have heard that celery juicing daily helps to reduce inflammation, but would refer you to Anthony William's website:

Good luck and have your mom contact me if she is interested in finding out more.

Elizabeth Menzel
You are not alone. We've all been through some tough times and thought, "I'll never be happy again."

Hello Bal, I can't recommend supplements, but I can tell you what I know about healing fibromyalgia.

When I started my neuromuscular therapy practice in 1993, I specialized in rehabbing physical trauma & fibromyalgia. After the first 3 years I noticed a common thread between all of my clients. I called it "frozen fear."

In 1996 I started studying the link between physical and emotional trauma and learned that what I was calling frozen fear, Dr. Peter Levine calls stuck stress. "Stuck stress" is the shortest definition of trauma. Somatic Experiencing is the best therapy I've ever received, it helped me heal a lot of PTSD. You can find a practitioner here:

My practice now revolves around helping women overcome the long term affects of trauma and sexism using systems based in neurobiology and mindfulness. I teach a virtual somatic movement class every month that your mother is welcome to attend. This is what allows the trauma to lift up out of the cells. I've overcome my chronic pain and post traumatic stress symptoms by using this method. Here is the link:

Wishing your mother well, Elizabeth

Laurie Collins

Fibromyalgia symptoms can be helped with dietary supplements, but more importantly, dietary changes.
I would suggest going gluten free or totally grain free for 30 days. Gluten and grains can cause inflammation, which only exacerbates the pain. There are other dietary changes that will also reduce inflammation.
A few supplements that come to mind are Guaifenesen, Butcher's Broom, and 5-HTP. Please be sure to discuss all of the above with your wellness provider!

I earned my energy-medicine credential through the Healing Touch Program's rigorous curriculum. I also have training in ThetaHealing and crystal healing. I do in-person and distance/remote sessions.

In addition to other measures, energy work can promote the reduction of fibromyalgia symptoms. I practice Healing Touch, an energy-healing modality, and I also have training to add crystal energies to sessions for clients who so desire. Clearing and replacing compromised energy that clogs the harmony and balance of the biofield can enable self-healing that promotes gradual or immediate reduction or relief of symptoms. This is true for the client who lives nearby and prefers hands-on sessions and for those who live far away and schedule their appointments for remote/distance sessions.

When we uncover your trauma, lab test for physiological huddles, & learn through coaching you have real choices, you transform your life!

Fibromyalgia essentially may be a change in the central nervous system that causes a heightened response to pain. Pain reception or response in the brain gets thrown out of balance which may be attributed now to emotional trauma or physical injury.

When it comes to fibromyalgia, it's extremely beneficial to look into root causes of distress all the way back through childhood. Which then gives a new learning of how to handle emotional pain.

Traumatic experiences and stressors in childhood have historically have been overlooked as factors in the development chronic pain disorders.

There are different approaches to this. I do come from the "food as medicine," cbd awareness, and emotional health, physical fitness approaches.

I do offer programs to help uncover these root cause of stress which has been extremely effective in healing from fibromyalgia. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. Wishing your mother the best.

Michael Rosenbaum ACHT, MP, OD
I’ve helped hundreds of clients rapidly let go of life long unhealthy patterns.

I have found several unique supplements that have been successful in greatly decreasing discomfort and even eliminating fibromyalgia. I'm happy to discuss this with you privately if you like. the other factor that can be important is to de-tox heavy metals from your body which prevent your immune system from operating properly. Anthon y williams book "The medical medium" goes into detail about how this works and how to de-tox naturally and safely.

Kat Meissner
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I don't have have a recommendation for what products she can take to help control it. I would determine when her fibromyalgia started...what was going on in her life at the time. When I help my clients release and heal their hurts from a life trauma, they report their physical pain leaves too.

Neil Hall
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I have helped many with Fibromyalgia with the Bowen Technique registered in the USA as Bowenwork. However most clients with Fibromyalgia also may need magnesium, if you take magnesium citrate you can increase it until it loosens your bowels and then reduce the amount until bowel movements normalize and that should be the amount your body will absorb. Some have an acid PH level and balancing that can also help. Systemic Enzymes supplements may be able to help normalize the fibrin content of the blood so it circulates better and doesn't not circulate in the small capillaries well and may stagnate which can cause pain in many areas of the body. Vitamin D3 is another item that many Fibromyalgia clients may be low in. Some may need Adrenal Support. It is also helpful to get moderate exercise if at all possible.

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