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What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

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My services are designed to read all parts of your energy, to guide you through life-improving transformation, and to provide healing where needed on every level.

With hypnotherapy, you are able to have communication between your consciousness and your subconsciousness, with the help of your superconscious, or higher self. Usually, your consciousness is only awake when you are physically awake, and your subconsciousness is only awake when you are physically asleep. But during hypnosis, they both are and can effectively work together in order to deeply heal and reprogram traumas from this lifetime and before, as well as old habits that you want to change as well, such as smoking, over-eating and other deeply set habits. When working with my Age Regression Hypnosis clients, I am able to help them completely change the way events unfolded for them in their past, not by changing the way they remember them, but by removing the trauma from them! They are able to bring their wise adult self into those times and find deep and true release. And then they are able to find full forgiveness for others, along with themselves, and set themselves up for a bright and brilliant future that they even get to map out through the process! I have reports of clients feeling more release and healing from 3 sessions than from 6 years of talk therapy.

Karoline Fischer, RTT Hypnotherapist, Emotional Healer, MD
I approach every client as someone to support in their own individual journey of healing and transforming their deepest issues, on exactly the level they were created.

The benefits of Hypnotherapy are that you are going to the level at which the problem was created, to solve it. We usually try to think and talk our way out of problems, as long as it stays on a conscious level, it can only get us so far though. Patterns of thinking and acting are created from deeper within (from our subconscious mind), eg. I might smoke because my mother and I only bonded when she smoked (and was more relaxed) and now it gives me a feeling of being connected to her when I smoke. I might be overweight since as a child I was sexually abused and one of the thoughts that made me survive and feel like I had some control was the thought that if I was not so slim, it would not have happened or would not happen again. In Hypnotherapy you go where these patterns were created, reframe, let go the old and transform and integrate what pattern you want to use instead. It is very powerful and effective and very quickly so.

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Hypnotherapy can help you make changes you've wanted to make for a long time but have found difficult to make on your own. Do you want to feel more confident, overcome trauma or anxiety, have better relationships? Hypnosis can help because it works with all levels of the mind, allowing you to be more receptive to positive changes you want to make. Hypnosis with me gets to the root cause of problems at the subconscious level and corrects them, so you can finally live the life you want to live and reach your goals more easily. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me to learn more. Talk soon!

Brit Lewis
Your Hormonal x Emotional Health Advocate guiding you towards more Freedom, Flow, & Fun!

I believe hypnotherapy provides a wholistic approach to healing; therefore, it can benefit the physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual aspects of ourSelf. It can help heal major root issues like Self-Worth, Self-Confidence/Courage and Self-Love.

It all begins by relaxing the body and then the mind. We slow the mind into the theta state in order to reach the subconscious. It is from this place where we can make lasting change. (Our problem solving capabilities are fully maximized in this state — that's why Einstein, Tesla and Edison all used hypnosis.)

Cutting edge research continues to prove the efficacy of hypnosis, and with 6 sessions clients tend to see a 93% improvement. [Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.]⁠

Maximilian Otazu, CHT
Unlock your full potential of health and wellness through the age old practice of Hypnosis. I'll guide you every step of the way. This will literally change your life.

I believe the greater question is, what can't HypnoTherapy do? If you can imagine a computer programmer for the brain, that's what a good quality HypnoTherapist is for a client. From task motivation to treating IBS, from clearing out PTSD to speaking directly to your subconscious and everything in between. Can HypnoTherapy grow you a third arm? No, but it can unlock your mind giving you new avenues to approach any situation in life.

Give me a call at (805) 954-9521 and I'd be happy to set up a free consultation. Or you can go to my website MaxOtazuHypnoTherapy.com

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher

When we experience trauma, the thinking part of our brain automatically shuts off. The experience is stored as sounds, smells, physical feelings - and emotions. Hypnotherapy helps us to re-access, process and release these residues. We re-empower, restore, and renew ourselves to our natural state of wholeness.

Certified Hypnotherapist

At about eight, your mind divides into two parts: the subconscious, survival brain is 90%, and the conscious, social brain is 10%. Because we depend upon each other to survive, there is a link. The split exists to protect us from those that would exploit us. They make promises that they never intend to keep, and leave us lying in the gutter when they get what they want. To prevent that, the subconscious decides whether to support or social ambitions during dreams each night. When it withdraws support, the side-effects can include depression, irritability, and anxiety that undermine our relationships, and actual physical illness. The division also prevents us from bringing all of our resources to bear to accomplish our daily goals. Hypnotherapy facilitates the dialog between the two parts of the mind, enabling the two parts of the mind to communicate their needs and agree upon a sustainable course of action. From this, you might guess that hypnotherapy can improve every aspect of your life.

Tasha Love, C.Ht
I alleviate stress, break barriers and get you to where you want to be.

What matters most is how you feel. And how you feel depends on the what you think. In times of stress or following trauma, an untrained mind can easily slip into feeling stuck, overwhelmed , lacking clarity, motivation and confidence.
Hypnosis helps lift you up to a more positive and helpful state, by training your mind to focus more in the direction of the things you desire , rather than on the things you don’t.

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