What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?

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I believe the greater question is, what can't HypnoTherapy do? If you can imagine a computer programmer for the brain, that's what a good quality HypnoTherapist is for a client. From task motivation to treating IBS, from clearing out PTSD to speaking directly to your subconscious and everything in between. Can HypnoTherapy grow you a third arm? No, but it can unlock your mind giving you new avenues to approach any situation in life.

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When we experience trauma, the thinking part of our brain automatically shuts off. The experience is stored as sounds, smells, physical feelings - and emotions. Hypnotherapy helps us to re-access, process and release these residues. We re-empower, restore, and renew ourselves to our natural state of wholeness.

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At about eight, your mind divides into two parts: the subconscious, survival brain is 90%, and the conscious, social brain is 10%. Because we depend upon each other to survive, there is a link. The split exists to protect us from those that would exploit us. They make promises that they never intend to keep, and leave us lying in the gutter when they get what they want. To prevent that, the subconscious decides whether to support or social ambitions during dreams each night. When it withdraws support, the side-effects can include depression, irritability, and anxiety that undermine our relationships, and actual physical illness. The division also prevents us from bringing all of our resources to bear to accomplish our daily goals. Hypnotherapy facilitates the dialog between the two parts of the mind, enabling the two parts of the mind to communicate their needs and agree upon a sustainable course of action. From this, you might guess that hypnotherapy can improve every aspect of your life.

I alleviate stress, break barriers and get you to where you want to be.

What matters most is how you feel. And how you feel depends on the what you think. In times of stress or following trauma, an untrained mind can easily slip into feeling stuck, overwhelmed , lacking clarity, motivation and confidence.
Hypnosis helps lift you up to a more positive and helpful state, by training your mind to focus more in the direction of the things you desire , rather than on the things you don’t.

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